Dust Control Technology (DCT), a global innovator in dust and odour control, has announced the appointment of a new President. Laura Stiverson has been appointed after her service to the company as General Manager for nearly five years. Her primary responsibilities will continue to revolve around new product engineering, business development and customer service. She is described by CEO Edwin Peterson as “Uniquely qualified in experience and temperament to lead the firm in exploring new markets, services and equipment designs.”

Stiverson has been cited as instrumental in developing a number of the company’s products, including the OdorBoss® family of machines and the very successful new FusionTM equipment design. “Laura has been taking us in new directions for some time,” Peterson observed. “And we felt it was appropriate that her energy and passion be formally recognized.”

Incorporated in 2004, DCT has earned its reputation as a leading supplier of open-area dust suppression equipment, and engineers continue to develop atomized mist technologies to bring new levels of effectiveness and versatility to dust and odour management.

“It’s a natural pairing of mechanical and chemical technologies,” Stiverson said. “We’ve demonstrated that the equipment design is far more effective than commonly-used approaches to odour control, and our goal now in expanding our line of additives is to combine product efficacy with the highest level of environmental stewardship.” The OdorBoss can be used with a wide range of odour control additives, precise metering of surfactants and odour suppression chemicals.

Joining the firm in 2008, Stiverson earned her undergraduate degree in biochemistry. Her educational background has been a big asset in the company’s work with odour control chemistry. Currently the company’s primary focus is on natural products that react on a molecular level with odour vapour, eliminating offensive smells with safe, biodegradable formulations.

“During the course of growing our dust control business, we have encountered a variety of opportunities to expand our scope,” Stiverson continued. “These opportunities have largely been a result of repeated inquiries from businesses that had an unmet need within their industries,” she added. “Over time, we have become more of a solutions provider, with the expertise to address a much wider range of applications. These new business segments are growing far beyond our initial expectations.”

For over a decade, Dust Control Technology has manufactured atomized mist equipment for applications in recycling, demolition, waste and scrap handling, mining, slag and ash management, coal processing, landfills and other industries. Headquartered in Peoria, IL (USA), the company supplies its dust and odour control products to customers around the world. The firm continues to develop and market new equipment designs and services under the DustBoss®,OdorBoss® andKoolBoss® product lines. DCT equipment can be purchased outright or rented from an extensive fleet of dust and odour control equipment.