In his keynote speech, Werner Seifried, Technology Director at Liebherr-Hydraulikbagger GmbH, emphasized future drive concepts will consist of a combination of different technologies.
Within the framework of the 13th International MTZ Conference on Heavy-Duty Engines Werner Seifried, Technology Director at Liebherr-Hydraulikbagger GmbH, gave a keynote speech on the drive concepts of the future: Liebherr focuses on the combination of different technologies as well as modular machine concepts.
In order to comply with the increasingly stricter emission standards for the reduction of emissions, manufacturers of cars, commercial vehicles, trains, as well as mobile machinery and equipment, face a challenge: they pursue various drive concepts in order to implement current and future requirements.
Drive sources for diverse applications
At the MTZ Conference on Heavy-Duty Engines, which took place at the start of November 2018 in Cologne, experts from the areas of engine and vehicle technology were able to exchange information and ideas on the current technical developments as well as future trends.
In his keynote speech, Werner Seifried from Liebherr-Hydraulikbagger GmbH emphasized that in the future there will no longer be only one drive concept or drive source for a machine. Future drive concepts will differ significantly to today's drive concepts and will be implemented through the combination of different technologies.
Liebherr focuses on modular machine concept
The conditions and requirements of customers, the environment and society and the associated challenges in the different applications are becoming more and more diverse. That's why Liebherr aims to develop new design concepts that offer the user a high level of variance and flexibility and at the same time maintain the internal complexity at a manageable level for the manufacturer. Liebherr machines are used worldwide in a very broad range of applications.
From gardening and landscaping to road construct­ion through to tunnel construct­ion, as well as in different areas of material handling, the manufacturer offers the right solutions.
In order to be optimally prepar­ed for the up to eight different national emission laws and other regulations, e.g. health and safety regulations, cur­rent and future machine con­cepts at Liebherr have a modular design.