On 24 September, in Dalian, China, Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. held, on the assembly site of equipment for Roy Hill iron ore project, a launching ceremony for the modular assembly of large bulk material handling equipment for Roy Hill iron ore project (Australia). The first fixed stacker of 13,700tph (tonnes per hour) made by DHHI for Roy Hill iron ore project has finished modular assembly and is ready for shipment. This project employs a new mode of implementation and delivery, i.e. modular assembly, which is also the first time that a Chinese company has carried out the modular assembly of large bulk material handling equipment. This new mode can help improve the quality of products, and at the same time it helps DHHI to enhance its competitiveness and get a larger share in global markets.

Representatives from many of the world’s famous companies participated in this ceremony. Those companies include Hancock Group, Roy Hill Iron Ore Holdings Pty Ltd., Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group, Du Loffi Spengler (Australia) Co., Ltd.,Adani Group (India),Vale (Brazil, formerly known as CVRD), Mitsubishi group (Japan) and Anglo American plc (UK).

Barry Fitzgerald, president of Roy Hill Iron Ore Holdings Pty Ltd. said in his speeches that, those equipment under built by DHHI are at present the largest ones in Roy Hill iron ore project, and the independent design, manufacturing as well as large modular assembly and shipment will all be listed at the forefront of this industry in the world.

Song Jiajing, president of the board of DHHI said in his speeches that, the Roy Hill iron ore project is so far, among the export projects, the one with the most types of products, the most difficult one in terms of production organization, the one with the maximum contract amount, the one with the strictest quality requirements and the one with the most participating organizations. This project is representative of the trend in the development of the current world’s largest bulk material handling equipment — that is, equipment is becoming much larger, more high-end, intelligent and environment-friendly.

The Roy Hill project is the next iron ore mining, rail & port project to be developed by Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd. (Australia) in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The wharf has been designed capable of handling vessels up to 320,000dwt Capesize, and is the largest iron ore project under construction in Australia.

DHHI’s contracting of equipment supply for this project is a milestone in its international market development. Through the delivery mode of modular assembly, DHHI also wishes to demonstrate, to the whole world, its significant advantages in technology and quality of its products, and to promote its competitiveness in the global market.


The modular assembly of large bulk material handling equipment means carrying out unit assembly and preliminary debugging on assembly sites adjacent to the wharf, followed by modular disassembly, modular packaging and shipment, in accordance with the transport requirements for customer’s site. This is a completely new mode of project implementation and delivery of large bulk material handling equipment to international customers.

It aims to significantly reduce the installation and commissioning time for equipment on the customer’s site, and minimize the problems that might be encountered in the installation and commissioning processes. Therefore, the high costs for field installation and commissioning of equipment in countries with higher labour costs can be significantly reduced. Furthermore, it enables the customer to have access to its equipment earlier. DHHI will be the first Chinese company that puts this new mode of project implementation and delivery into practice.


DHHI (Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd.) is a large enterprise in the field of major technical equipment development in China heavy machinery industry. The company comprises one headquarters, five major development bases, eight branches, 14 wholly-owned subsidiaries, two majority-owned subsidiaries and three joint-stock subsidiaries. DHHI currently has over 10,000 employees, among which there is an engineering and technical personnel of over 1,800 people.

The company owns various assets valued at nearly RMB 20 billion yuan, and covers an area of over two million square metres. It mainly provides technical outfits and high-tech products and services for China national economic spheres such as metallurgy, ports, resources, mines, engineering, traffic, aerospace and shipbuilding. The company has formed a product mix of nine major products, i.e. metallurgical machinery, hoisting machinery, bulk material handling machinery, harbor machinery, energy machinery, drive and control systems, engineering machinery and marine machinery.