DB Schenker Rail UK and its long standing customer CEMEX have made history after despatching over 2 million tonnes of aggregates by rail from Dove Holes Quarry in Derbyshire during 2014.

This is a record for the quarry, in the High Peak district, and represents a more than 20% increase on 2013.

The companies celebrated at a special event at the quarry this week when DB Schenker’s 60039 was officially named Dove Holes.

Les Morris, DB Schenker Rail UK’s Head of Sales, said: “We are proud to name loco 60039 ‘Dove Holes’ in recognition of the record amount of aggregates moved from the quarry by rail in 2014.

“We are delighted be working with CEMEX--- to despatch greater amounts of aggregates than ever before, helping them to achieve their aspirations in the construction market, which is seeing a big resurgence. The environmental benefit is also significant. Two million tonnes of aggregates despatched by rail is equivalent to more than 65,000 HGV movements removed from the UK’s congested road network.”

Neil Farmer, Aggregates Director, who performed the naming ceremony, said: “We are delighted to have a loco named after our biggest quarry in the country. Moving aggregates by rail has many advantages, both to the communities in which we operate but also on the environment. It enables us to get the material into the heart of the towns and cities without adding trucks onto our busy roads. Aggregates are an essential part of construction providing the ‘backbone’ to concrete for houses, hospitals, roads and the built environment. We hope ‘Dove Holes’ covers many successful rail miles in the future.” The aggregates despatched from the quarry by rail are delivered to 13 destinations across Great Britain.