DB Schenker Rail (UK) Ltd, Britain’s largest rail freight operator, has
unveiled a new covered wagon that will target bulk commodities that must be
kept dry during transit, converting traffic from the road network to the
In developing the wagon, DB Schenker plans to introduce new rail
freight services for customers in the sectors of: power generation;
construction; grain; and forest products.
In particular, the wagon is aimed at supporting power
generators in their move to introduce biomass and other
alternative fuels for energy generation. It will also enable the
movement of fly ash from power stations.
To date, the railway has carried marginal flows of dry bulk
cargo, with specialist wagons owned by customers in these
sectors. The lack of suitable multi-purpose wagons in the
market has been a barrier to rail freight growth in this sector.
DB Schenker forecasts that through industry use of the
new wagon, it will be able to open this market and generate
additional rail freight tonnage. Other materials that could be
conveyed include cement, grain and sand. The wagon will
enable a significant modal shift from road to rail to occur and
also assist in supporting the government’s priorities as part of
the low carbon economy.
The new wagon has been developed to meet the high standards and needs of
the dry bulk sector and represents the biggest move in the market for the
movement of dry bulk products by rail in Britain for many years.
The ability to protect the cargo is central to the design of the wagon,
which is secure and water tight. The wagon therefore meets the key
customer requirements of avoiding water ingress.
The wagon is already approved to run on the rail network
in Britain, is fast, operating up to 75mph and has a haulage
capacity of 74.5 tonnes per wagon. The wagon is also efficient
to load, taking less than two minutes to open or close. In
addition, the design of the wagon cover ensures that the
loading gauge on the rail network is maintained at all times,
even while product is being loaded.
Jonathan Moser, managing director of the Energy segment
of DB Schenker Rail (UK) Ltd said: “The power generation
sector has a need for alternative carbon friendly fuels that are
deliverable through their usual supply chains. This wagon
delivers a solution to their specific needs; keeping biomass
and other materials dry, enabling mass volumes of product to
maintain their integrity during rail transit.”
DB Schenker develops covered wagon for dry bulk