Over 106,000 people have lost their lives as reported on the WHO COVID-19 dashboard due to the pandemic.
In these challenging times, the Maritime sector under the guidance of the IMO, ILO and other industry bodies have issued guidance to ensure that the world-trade continues while ensuring safety for the seafarer, ship and the environment.
The ILO has issued an Information note on Maritime Labour issues and coronavirus (COVID-19). It gives guidance on key issues such as:
• facilitation of seafarer transit and transfer
• employment contracts
• minimum manning
• expiry of certificates
ITF and JNG have issued a joint statement on Crew changes and contractual rights and obligations. These along with the ILO note are available for download on the right.
ICS has released a new Guidance on Managing Ship & Seafarer Certificates During Coronavirus Pandemic.
The European Commission has issued guidance on repatriating cruise ship passengers and protecting ship crew. This guidance along with the national measures implemented by the different EU states is available here.
OCIMF has issued guidance on Best Practice Precautions for carrying out the pre-transfer conference during the COVID 19 Pandemic. The best practice guidance is available here. The ship-shore safety checklist and the bunkering safety checklist is available for download in pdf and word format on the right.
The USCG has also issued a Marine Safety Bulletin giving guidance its extension policy for those vessels impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic with BWTS compliance dates before 1 April 2021, available on the right.