Authorities at the Port of Corpus Christi have reported record tonnage handled for the first half of the year, moving 52.2 million tons through June 30.

The volume represents a 2 percent increase year-on-year from 926,000 tons in 2017 and was driven by a 9 percent growth in crude oil and a 2 percent increase in all other petroleum products.

“The timing is ripe as we are seeing significant growth in export of U.S. crude oil and we soon will start to export liquefied natural gas. Our focus is intensifying and sustaining regional economic development, while also best serving our customers,” said Charles W. Zahn Jr., Port of Corpus Christi Commission chairman.

The port commission is pushing a channel improvement project, which will involve dredging the ship  hannel from 47 feet to 54 feet and widening it to 530 feet, to accommodate larger vessels.

Photo: The Port of Corpus Christi. Credit: PCCC