Donaldson Filtration Solutions provides dust filtration equipment to the bulk handling sector for cargo loading and unloading applications. Equipment such as dust collectors are provided to integrators to provide robust localized venting systems for the transfer point of materials in a dockside setting.
Donaldson Filtration Equipment is involved in any process involving agitating or moving a dust-generating product, and its equipment is suitable for a wide range of commodities, from soya to cement. Its filtration equipment offers full flexibility with a range of sizes and configurations to suit the size of the dockside or meet the integrator’s specific needs — for example, the type of materials handled.
Thibaut Quarré, Donaldson’s Equipment Sales Director for EMEA explains: “Dust control on dockside is important in order to achieve emissions targets. Also, controlling the dust emissions, recapturing the materials and reintroducing the dust into the process, support reducing financial losses for the customer. Explosion prevention is crucial on a dockside; any organic dust clouds — for example, sugar or cereal — are seen as a serious explosion risk and need to be controlled.”
A recent Donaldson innovation is the PowerCore filter packs. PowerCore was designed to solve the industry’s need for better filtration, a reduced operational cost, a smaller footprint and easier maintenance. PowerCore collectors are 50–70% smaller than traditional systems but just as capable of handling high airflow while fitting into the smallest places.
Thibaut Quarré said: “The PowerCore technology brings a new advantage for the integrators in that it is much more compact for integration. Maintenance is also a lot easier for filter elements replacement. We have the original technology, which is bag filters, but now we also have a solution to ease the integration to make it more compact. For the user, this brings the huge advantage of faster maintenance.”
Dalmatic technology is helping Donaldson to remain highly competitive within the market. Quarré said: “The continued development of our products gives us a competitive edge along with the range of medias we can offer within a single product.
“Donaldson has led the way in Dalamatic technology, and it’s been proven over again that it works very well in the dry cargo sector. Donaldson was the industry leader from the beginning with this design which is still widely appreciated by integrators.”
Donaldson pioneered a revolutionary connected monitoring service — the Donaldson iCue Connected Filtration Service — which monitors industrial dust collectors digitally, eliminating the need to manually check readings, whilst delivering data directly. This helps users reduce unplanned downtime, support efficient maintenance and operation, and capture compliance data. Results can be read remotely from a distance from the dockside via mobile phone, laptop or tablet.
iCue includes a variety of sensors to track performance metrics. Machine data from each connected device is sent to Donaldson’s secure cloud, where it is translated into actionable insights that users can be viewed on an easy-to-navigate dashboard. The web-based display shows the status of all dust collection equipment across a company’s facilities and allows alarm levels and notifications to be easily configured.
Quarré said: “iCue offers an important value proposition to our customers as it offers preventative maintenance, which is critical for this sector. Filter failure is very costly and a massive risk on docks leading to unnecessary downtime. But if a ship is confined to dock due to filter failure, then the company incurs a fine, which can run into thousands.
“Most of our new dust collectors have iCue as part of the package, but it can also be retrofitted to Donaldson or non- Donaldson dust collectors. We’re still on the launching phase of the iCue, but it has been very well-received by the dry cargo sector in countries where it has been licensed.”
Quarré commented: “What we find integrators appreciate most about Donaldson is we have an all-round expertise. We know the application, we have expert people and engineers that design the right solution in size, and type of equipment. We understand their needs and design the right equipment for it. It’s not just the equipment but this level of expertise which makes a difference with our competitors.”
Another advantage Donaldson offers its customers is its global network of resellers and partners that are fully trained and ready at short notice to fit and maintain Donaldson equipment.
Thibaut Quarré said: “We have a truly global network — so say for example, we have a customer in Jordan who says ‘this week I need a technician on site to serve my dust collector’ then we have the network in place to provide that to the customer.
“A lot of our OEMs and integrators buy this equipment then ship it abroad, so if they send it to say for example, Mexico, we then have the support in that country, so we can give the customer the total lifecycle experience.”