Piracy at sea has been a problem for hundreds of years. In recent years, it has extended far off the Somali coast, into the Indian Ocean and is now escalating on the West Coast of Africa, Indonesia and Central America.

To present-day shipping companies piracy is a major concern and expense — so it is no surprise that there has been a lot of interest in the development of vessel protection.

Guardian Maritime Limited has developed a new and deceptively simple solution to the problem of unwanted boarding under sail, at anchor or in port.

Unlike razor wire the GUARDIANTM units are quick, simple and safe to install.

The GUARDIANTM ship protection system is a BMP 4-compliant installation which forms part of a vessel’s layered defence system. It provides worldwide 24/7 protection against stowaways, robbery and piracy for vessels, crew and cargo at sea, anchor or in port Guardian Maritime is totally committed to providing a world class service, and its solution is a fit-and- forget passive sustainable, recyclable anti- piracy barrier system.

GUARDIAN MARITIME CELEBRATES FIFTH ANNIVERSARY OF ITS ANTI-PIRACY BARRIER The founders of Guardian Maritime Ltd, Teresa and David Stevens, are very excited to have now passed the five-year marker on the first ship installed with the Guardian system. On 20 June 2012, the CMA CGM Bellini became the first commercial vessel to have the Guardian system installed on her lower poop deck.

This was a bold step by CMA CGM to combat the dangers of piracy and has paid off, giving substantial savings and resulting in no replacements having to be supplied. Both Maersk Line and CMA CGM have now had Guardian systems protecting their container vessels for over five years. As the original claim by Guardian was that the system was warranted for five years there can be no doubt that the durability of Guardian can be proclaimed a success. No other anti-piracy barrier system can make this claim.

In addition to the anniversary Guardian can also announce its pride at having defeated five piracy attacks in the Gulf of Guinea. Teresa and David are proud of the fact Guardian has denied pirates the capture and ransom of the vessels worth hundreds of millions of pounds and an incalculable value in cargo, but are proudest at saving over 100 mariners from the terrors of captivity with its associated pain and suffering for crews and that those men and women have returned to their families unharmed.


In an effort to keep costs down for ship- owners and operators whilst having a highly effective anti-piracy system available on their vessels, Guardian Maritime is now offering to provide would-be clients the opportunity to have the crew install the Guardian system. David Stevens of Guardian said “Of course in our opinion the best way to install Guardian is by using our installers but many clients are now eager for their own crews to carry out the install during transit. By providing clear instruction to the crew via a specially filmed installation, the crew quickly learn how simple the system is to install and use and by working with Guardian the confidence of the crew is enhanced”.

Guardian Maritime has also announced that, working in partnership with a finance brokers, it can now offer a finance option to anyone wishing to purchase Guardian Barriers; this helps to spread the cost and allows budgets to be managed over a longer term. •



  • v a proven track record with over five piracy attacks defeated in the last 36 months, saving billions of dollars in revenues for its clients;
  • v 99% crew injury reduction using Guardian achieving increased crew productivity and higher motivation;
  • v saved over 100 mariners’ lives to date; and
  • v five-year warranty validated by Guardian Maritime’s annual vessel inspection if used — a quote can be supplied.