Pietro de Michieli of the Bedeschi Group describes how the company designed and built handling equipment for a coal conversion project at a cement company.
Bulk Logistic Landmark (BLL — the initials represent the member companies Bedeschi, Liebherr and Logmarin) is a strategic business alliance that benefits from the synergies, individual strengths and networks of each of the three partners.
Bedeschi, based in Limena, Padua, Italy, is a family business that is over 100 years old.
Founded in 1908, it is a major force in equipment and services for the bulk material handling and minerals sector, with a focus on the handling of ‘difficult materials’ such as sticky coal or clay, from iron ore to other minerals.
Liebherr is also a historic family company. It is known for its faster handling, reliability and superior technology. It is a supplier of maritime cranes, and offers tailor-made solutions for operations on any vessel, quayside, barge, transshipper and for handling containers, bulk cargoes, pallets and heavy lifts.
Last but not least, Genoese Logmarin Advisors, part of RINA (Italian Classification Society, IACS member) and Banchero Costa (leading shipbroking house) groups, specializes in shipping and maritime logistics. Logmarin provides an integrated and comprehensive consultation and advisory service, delivering value to the waterborne supply chain to industry. Below is a short overview of case studies of BLL and Bedeschi coal handling and unloading operations. TOROS TERMINAL One of the first challenges to be taken on by BLL was the new unloading facilities at the Toros multipurpose terminal. Two grab Liebherr cranes have been installed connected to a Bedeschi conveyor system.
 A 60m3 hopper with a reversible dosing feeder and other conveyor to the storage is designed and now in operation. On one side 900tph (tonnes per hour) of coal can be discharged to trucks by means of a hydraulically adjustable chute, whereas on the other side various types of fertilizers may be stored in the existing building.
The Bedeschi Group specializes in the design and manufacture of machinery for handling and processing of clay for the brick and roofing tile industry, and machinery for handling and processing of bulk solids, working with many types of raw materials, such as clay, limestone, shale, coal, gypsum, fertilizers and other for several applications.
Bedeschi has been active in these fields for almost a century and, thanks to more of 100 years of experience, its technology is known all over the world.
Even today coal is one of the most important energy sources in the world, second only as an energy resource to oil. Since it is to be found throughout the world, coal satisfies nearly the 45% of the energy requirements of Asia and more than 50% of a number of other countries, including China and India. The huge surge in demand for energy in recent years has led to an increase in coal’s share of the total worldwide energy requirement. The application of modern technology to smoke treatment has greatly reduced the environmental impact of the coal power plants, which nowadays can be comparable to other types of thermo-electrical power plants.
Today, the bulk material handling market requires methods more efficient and economic in transportation and storage of coal.
In September 2005 Bedeschi was awarded a contract from Vinacimex for the new raw coal line system in Hatien II Cement Company. The object of the contract was the design and supply of a new coal unloading, conveying and storing facility in order to replace the old kiln fuel oil burners with modern coal ones. The project was completed in September 2008.
Coal is transported to the river port of the plant by selfpropelled barges with capacities of 300t and 500t. A grab crane was installed in the port for receiving and unloading coal, as well as gypsum and additives for the barges to a receiving dust free hopper, with a handling capacity 150tph for coal and 250tph for gypsum.
The storage is equipped with a one side BEL S 130/27 + 3 bucket reclaimer. By means of a coal bin at a rate of 100tph, bag filters from Bedeschi Group subsidiary CTP Team have been installed at all dust emitting points. A stationary crane with a mechanical bucket device of 6.5m3 has been designed to satisfy the required unloading capacity for both loads at the river berth.
Bedeschi experience on bulk material handling is applied not only in coal handling but also in clay, gypsum, iron ore, etc. In 2010 Bedeschi has delivered to Hatien II Cement Company another barge unloader. This new machine, the twin of one delivered previously, will be used to handle limestone, sand and laterite with a capacity of 250tph.