Cleveland Cascades have been successful in winning an order from Latvian company SIA NK Tehnologija for a Cascade shiploading chute.

The system, which will go into service in Klaipeda, Lithuania, is the third project between the two companies as Cleveland looks to strengthen and prolong a successful working relationship with NK.

The chute will be fitted to a loading boom which is inclined at 13.5° and will load potash and other fertilizers at rates of up to 1,400tph (tonnes per hour). Annually, the system will load between 1.5 and 2 million tonnes.

At 29 metres fully extended, the chute retracts to 5.7 metres,

and is lined with a combination of ceramic (head chute) and UHME PE (cascade cones) liners to prevent abrasion from the product causing premature wear. Electrically, the chute is equipped with various safety components to ensure efficient, continued and safe operation.

The system is to be designed, manufactured, and assembled by August 2015, followed by on site commissioning of the system in Lithuania.