Cleveland Cascades have secured a contract for the supply of a Cascade System to be located at Dibba Port, Oman. The materials which will be loaded through the system are limestone, gabbro and clinker.
Included in the supply is a pivoting head chute interface which is to be installed on the luffing boom of the customer’s ship loader. Mounted to the head chute will be a maintenance platform allowing inspection and maintenance tasks to be carried out eliminating the need for a MEWP to gain access. Through careful design, the system will have the capability to be ‘parked’ at an angle of +68° when not in operation bringing the Cascade System back over the dockside.
The 1900 sized Cleveland Cascade cones are selected for the project due to the high required loading rates. In terms of volumetric throughput capacity, up to 4,000m3/hr can be loaded through this size cone. Regarding the length of the system, in it’s extended state the system reaches 19.7m with a minimum retracted length of 7.7m when non-operational and fully retracted.
Because the materials to be loaded are considered extremely abrasive and hard wearing, chromium carbide liners are to feature within the head chute to provide a higher degree of abrasion resistance with Hardox liners to be installed on the running faces of the cones.
All electrical components necessary for safety and automation of the system are to be included within Cleveland Cascades scope of supply.