A contract for 2 identical cascade systems for the loading of grains was awarded to Cleveland Cascades. The systems are to be fitted to a grab fed eco-hopper which will be used for vehicle loading located in Ashdod Port, Israel. Two of the systems will be loading from the eco-hoppers whilst a further one will be a spare held in stock.

The systems are sized with respect to the material density and eco-hopper throughput capabilities. The Cleveland Cascades 1300 cone size is to be utilised on the project, these allow for loading to occur up to a rate of 1400 cubic meters per hour. The total extended length of each system is 6.6m from the interface to the base of the skirted outlet with a retracted length of 3.3m.

The systems will be lined with stainless steel for abrasion resistance and for static charge dissipation. At the customers request the head chute will be supplied with dust extraction ports allowing the facility to retro fit a dust extraction system if desired at a later date.

Cleveland Cascades have supplied many systems in recent years for the loading of grains with great success. Some of which are our larger CC896 and CC853 Systems operating in Louisiana, USA and Santos, Brazil respectively. The CC853 system can be seen loading in the footage below: