Cleveland Cascades is to supply a Free Fall System to its customer located in Huelva, Spain.
The System is to load Copper Concentrates at rates of up to 1,800tph from a Luffing Boom Shiploader.
Supplied with a Pivoting Head chute, this system will work through an operating range of -15° to plus 15° with a parking angle of 50°.
Controlled by a locally mounted winch, the chute will extend to 17 meters and can retract to 7.9 meters. The tubes are also fitted with guide rails to prevent them from twisting and distorting during vertical movement.
The telescopic tubes will host an adjustable rotating trimmer spoon outlet, fitted at the base. This enables accurate positioning of the load within the ships hold and helps ensure maximum utilisation of the hold space available.
A bumper protection assembly will protect the system from accidental collision.
For abrasion protection this system will be lined with 6mm sintered alumina ceramic tiles on all running faces.
Each of our T-systems incorporate a scraper/brush cleaning system at the head of each tube, which is beneficial for particularly sticky materials, where periodic cleaning is an issue.
The system will host a full suite of electrical components for safety and automation including; collision detection, winch position, slack rope sensing, height indication, material detection and an overload system.
Some design images of the system being manufactured can be seen in the gallery below.
FFT1001 Head Chute
FFT1001 Extended
FFT1001 with Trimmer Outlet
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