Four identical systems are to be supplied to load Urea into Open Truck vehicles in Nigeria.
These systems will be designed to load granular Urea at up to 220 t/hr. These will be our 650 sized system that will include our cones manufactured from stainless steel to handle the corrosive nature of the material.
The chutes will each be 5.16 meters at full extension suspended from a fixed head chute via chains for the steel cone arrangement. the retracted height is expected to be approximately 2.18m.
The steelwork will be painted to a marine specification for corrosion protection.
Each chute will be fitted with a skirt outlet for dust suppression along with a suite of electrical components for safety and automation including collision detection, Load sensing, position and limit and well as material detection, all of which are linked with the shiploader PLC for control and automation.
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