Cleveland Cascades Engineers recently carried out installation and commissioning for one of its systems supplied to Asturias, Northern Spain.
The system is one of Cleveland Cascades’ 1100 sized Cascade systems designed to load Clinker at up to 1,000 tonnes per hour.
A Pivoting head chute is included in the supply for interface with a mobile ship loader. The chute is 20m in length and retracts to 5.25m for storage.
The steelwork is finished Hot Dip Galvanised for corrosion protection, running faces of the cones and deflectors are lined with ceramic tiles for abrasion resistance.
The system features the company’s typical electrical suite for safety and automation including; downward motion detection, position monitoring, material detection, slack rope and load monitoring.
Cleveland Cascades’ Engineers visited the site to support the customer with the installation of the system, which included the interface connection for the pivoting and fixed head chute followed by the cascade and shroud.
All functional checks were completed and the system Hot commissioned with trial loading.
The installation was a success for the customer who is now able to commence loading with the next scheduled vessel.
       CC928 GA Fully Retracted                   CC928 Shroud Removed