Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK) has announced the publication of a new guideline
entitled, Guidelines for laser beam arc hybrid welding.
   A ship is a large welded construction that operates in the corrosive environment
of seawater and is subject to rigorous loads such as impact loads, fatigue loads, and
bending loads from waves. To ensure the safety of the ship and to prevent marine
pollution, it is vitally important to establish the quality of welded joints.
Presently, welding processes used in shipyards mainly consist of CO2 semiautomatic
welding and submerged arc welding, but in recent years, highperformance
welding processes are being developed and realized with the aim of
enhancing both efficiency during welding work and the quality of welded joints.
   Under such circumstances, the practical application of laser beam arc hybrid
welding, a high performance welding process, to the shipbuilding field is being
studied. Laser beam arc hybrid welding is a high quality welding process notable
for realizing high efficiency in welding work that can
inhibit thermal deformation. Its future diffusion in the shipbuilding is highly anticipated.
   ClassNK has newly prepared the Guidelines for laser beam arc hybrid welding for unified
approval of welding procedure of laser beamarc hybrid welding and related welding
procedure specifications applicable to hull structural members.