Chinese Vice Premier Hui Liangyu has called on authorities to give more support to
the country’s major grain production areas so to ensure grain supply and security.
Hui made the comments while attending a grain production seminar recently held
in Yantai City of east China’s Shandong Province.
The vice premier demanded efforts be undertaken to promote agricultural
production in the country’s major grain production areas, which he said were of great
importance to China’s agricultural development.
Hui urged authorities to offer financial assistance to these areas and ensure the
continuous increase of farmers’ incomes.
China was facing and would be confronted by increasing challenges in grain
production, such as the challenge to meet market demand for agricultural products
and ensure quality, Hui said.
To address these challenges, he said China must improve support to farmers to
increase their enthusiasm for growing grain.
Efforts should also go to improving production capacity in the agriculture sector,
promoting agricultural technology progress and accelerating agricultural reform, the
vice premier said.
During the rest of the year, relative authorities should focus on improving
agricultural production management and disaster prevention to guarantee a bumper
autumn grain harvest, as well as ensuring market supplies and price stabilization of
commodities such as vegetable, meat, grain and edible oil, he said.