Capotex is a Spanish company which specializes in the cover and protection of conveyor belts. It was founded in 1996, and has covered more than 400,000 metres of belt conveyors in over 50 countries.
Large engineering and mining companies face new challenges in order to ensure compliance with regulations, protecting the investment of their projects, the infra­structure, their workers, and also protecting the raw materials that are transported. All of this needs to be done with an approach that is respectful and sustainable for the environment.
The new safety and sustainability regulations, as well as the conservation and care of the environment, have generated, in the industrial market, the need to evolve and improve the infrastructure and its resources.
Why is it important to cover a conveyor belt?
* security of the site: the use of covers improves the safety in the operation avoiding the risk of entrapments, trawling accidents and material falls.
* dust reduction: due to the covers, dust emissions are reduced by protecting both the environment and nearby populations and the health of workers.
* complementary systems: the covers facilitate the installation of other systems designed to improve health and safety conditions: anti-fire, anti-explosion, anti-noise systems, dust suppression spray systems.
* transport efficiency: the covers on the belts reduce losses of product transported by escape, fall or loss of material.
* conveyor belt protection: a cover reduces maintenance costs due to the lower wear of the materials, the lower weight, and the protection it offers against atmospheric factors (wind, rain, humidity).
* company image: the contributions contribute positively to improve the image of the company.
Why Capotex?
The company has been a trusted supplier and manufacturer for more than 20 years, providing protection and security solutions for unique and challenging scenarios. All of its activities are in compliance with regulations and improve each product to its maximum level. The range of materials and production processes enable the company to provide a streamlined supply chain, granting engineering companies and huge infrastructure a prompt delivery.
Capotex is an ideal option due to the unique characteristics offered by the covers and the multiple accessories that are offered in order to provide an optimal solution to each customer. Using the best quality materials to manufacture the higher standard products, the company shows its commitment to the industry by securing the belt conveyors with the most advanced technologies and systems. This greatly extends the life of the machinery and all moving parts like gears and belts.
Capotex covers provide self-supporting hoods due to the material thickness. The covers have a length of 1,292 ± 30. Accidents are avoided during assembly thanks to the pledged edges and rounded corners, and Capotex can meet any requirement because of its customized and hinged solutions.
Inspection windows are a great tool since they allow monitoring the belt without dismantling the cover structure. Capotex’s inspection window models meet specific requirements and offer solutions depending on the needs of the customer.
* V- 1: Hinged window.
* V-2: Inspection window with sliding closure.
* V-3: Inspection window with two fastening straps and two sliding handles.
* V-4: Polycarbonate window, sliding inside the hood.
Capotex’s products are aimed at providing security and sustainability to the facilities. This is the reason why this year, 2019, it has launched a new range of products that protect conveyor belts that cannot be completely covered: Capoguards.
The Capoguards are advanced and prefabricated structures that allow a simple and quick installation. With them, new assembly schemes and different fixings have been developed in order to adapt to each client’s scenario.
The lack of a specialist in this field of the industry, has encouraged Capotex to push its innovation further, developing a new range of solutions and locking systems to make the maintenance and status reports easier for the work force. The Easy Lock Key is one of the new features, a tool designed to lock and unlock the guard mesh fixed to the belt conveyor. These side protections were created thinking about how to limit the access to the moving parts of the conveyor belt and how to reduce workplace accidents.