Cachapuz is a very well-known and respected weighing company in Portugal. It is nationally renowned for the design, production and marketing of weighing equipment. It is also an international reference in the design and implementation of software and automation for weighing logistics processes, operating in industrial units in various sectors. It is especially active in the cement, cereals, tomato transformation and waste industries. Since 1997, it has been part of the Italian Bilanciai Group, one of the world’s largest players in the weighing sector.
Integrated state-of-the-art weighing systems
Cachapuz is currently a partner of numerous companies that operate daily in the bulk market and provide integrated systems — solutions, equipment and services — to speed up and automate weighing processes and operations.
Equipment: robustness and reliability
Cachapuz offers a wide range of weighing and precision equipment, with a strong recognition in the national and international markets. In addition to the robustness of its weighbridge, the company is known for the superior quality of its platforms, dynamometers, terminals, printers and scales, which guarantee total assurance, reliability and safety.
Software and automation — SLV Platform: efficiency and optimization
The SLV Platform ensures the automation and logistical optimization of product receiving and shipping flows. In addition to providing strict control of these operations, it also supplies advanced tools for operational monitoring, analysis and exploitation of business information.
Thus, the automated procedures in the industrial units are diverse. In addition to operations planning, the IT solution addresses park management, vehicle opening and check-in hours, access control, weighing management, product classification and traceability, including computerized management and automation of vehicle operations, loading and unloading.
The software enables the generation, issuance and communication of transport documents, as well as business indicators and the management of customer and supplier contracts. It also allows the autonomous or integrated operation with automation and external information systems (ERP).
Robust, safe, accurate and easy to install, the SLV platform ensures a reduction in time and costs in operations as well as fewer errors and failures. As it ensures complete control of logistics processes, the solution contributes to making industrial plants more efficient, productive and competitive.
Services: trust and closeness
Focused on the customers and their needs, Cachapuz ensures services that excel in proximity, reliability and security. In addition to pre-sale consulting, the company guarantees customer delivery, installation and training, including after-sales, on-site and remote assistance, and equipment rental and modernization.
With these integrated weighing systems, Cachapuz supplies organizations and companies of various sizes a complete, global and integrated offer.
International reference and presence
Cachapuz provides integrated weighing systems for various business areas, including agribusiness, industry, health, logistics, trade and services, waste, construction and laboratories. It stands out for its vast experience in the cement, cereals, tomato processing and waste management sectors, with hundreds of clients in Portugal and worldwide.
It is currently in a phase of growth and expansion to new geographies, mostly with clients and projects of big size and high prestige.
* Clean Eburnie, Sarl — Ivory Coast: One of Cachapuz’s largest projects has been to automate waste reception and dispatch at Africa’s largest landfill — Kossihouen Landfill. The solution included SLV Waste for operational flow optimization, ERP integration, automatic truck identification, weighbridge, access control, among others.
* Asment Tamara, Votorantim Group, Morocco; and Les Ciments de Jbel-Oust, Votorantim Group, Tunisia: Full automation of plants with a custom SLV cement platform. The implemented solution allowed for the total management of the park and reception, queues and calls, access control, weighing management, bag loading, pallet and bulk product control. The solution also included the automation of a quarry and aggregate unit.
* Intercement Brazil, Brazil and Loma Negra; Intercement Group, Argentina: Automation and optimization of dispatch and access management with the implementation of a custom SLV Cement platform.
* Cementos Secil, Spain: Upgrade of the entire SLV cement platform implemented in Secil cement plants in Portugal and its warehouses. Automation of a depository in the port of Vigo, with the installation of a weighbridge for the automation of the Silo and using the SLV cement solution to customize the bulk loading circuits.
Cachapuz is already a preferred choice for many large business groups seeking, in addition to experience and knowledge, innovative, up-to-date, disruptive and highly efficient solutions.
On the route of Innovation and Industry 4.0
Innovation and knowledge are part of Cachapuz’s DNA. About to reach its 100-year milestone in 2020, the company has sought to invest in new products and strategic initiatives, focusing on digital transformation. UH4SP — Unified Hub for Smart Plants — is one of the most important examples.
Incorporating the IoT and Industry 4.0 paradigm, the project led by Cachapuz aims at developing a software architecture, service oriented and technological solutions, with the purpose, among other things, to create a corporate and aggregate vision of operations in several industrial units, oriented for the optimization and improvement of the user experience. More than a new offering, UH4SP represents a shift in paradigm focused on differentiation and operational efficiency.