Bulk Storage Inc., a respected supplier of storage facilities, has recently supplied a major bulk storage vaulted fabric dome (pictured).
Bulk Storage Inc. self-performed both the 10ft cast in place concrete foundation walls, as well as the turnkey installation, of the 132x300ft vaulted fabric dome. With five 20’x30’ entrances, the customer is able to easily load and unload the product as needed. A conveyor system was installed with two hopper feeds to bring product directly into the processing facility. With over 22,000 metric tonnes of dry bulk storage, this storage buildings allows the customer to stockpile enough product to wait out the winter freeze and still run efficiently.
Bulk Storage Inc., which has been in business since 1989, offers innovative and aesthetically appealing structures are built to solve the needs of its customers for practical year-round storage of salt, sand, fertilizer, and more. Its turnkey design and construction crew not only cuts down on costs, but also puts all the responsibility on itself, giving the customer more time to concentrate on their day-to-day business endeavours.
Bulk Storage Inc. prides itself on well-built, long-lasting structures for all bulk storage needs. Its geodesic domes are built to last, and its in-house design and construction team can meet any building code. It provides all custom-sealed blueprints, specifications, site reviews, and construction materials.
Geodesic domes are an ideal solution for salt storage. Its round structure means that it is possible to keep the maximum amount of salt in a minimal amount of space. Its smallest design has a centre point of 25ft with large entrance doors and canopies, making unloading and loading easy and efficient. These buildings are engineered and designed to be resistant to salts’ highly corrosive properties. Only durable and long-lasting materials are used.
Bulk Storage Inc.’s high-quality fabric domes are a one-of-a-kind solution that combines the efficiency of a wood-framed dome with the cost savings of a tensioned fabric structure. Its in-house mobile construction crew can get tensioned fabric domes installed much quicker than an ordinary fabric shed. These structures come with hot-dip galvanized steel trusses and a 15-year prorated fabric warranty, allowing for a cost-effective and efficient salt storage structure that will last for years.
The same high-level craftsmanship is evident when looking into the company’s storage barns. From New England salt barns to tensioned fabric salt barns Bulk Storage Inc. takes a high level of pride in its work.
New England wing salt barns have a center aisle of 30 feet for easy inside loading and dumping. The STOREMORE, New England Wing Truss structure is an adaptable, solid wood construction that complements any roofing material making it blend in more easily with its surroundings. It’s easily expandable with wraparound sheltered storage areas. The permanent base wall makes it easy to add covered storage on any side of the building for vehicles and other equipment.
As with the salt domes, Bulk Storage Inc.’s high-quality tensioned fabric barns are cost-effective solution. They offer the same advantages of the salt domes, and are ideal for customers that have a budget that allows for the installation of a permanent barn structure on the existing concrete wall.