The Port of Tilbury in the UK has recently implemented DB
Information Systems’ new Grain Quality Management
Module at its grain terminal.
The module allows the terminal to record the
laboratory analysis results for each load and compare it to
the agreed contractual terms; any discrepancies create an
action flag to effect a decision to accept, reject or discount
the load. Additionally the module ensures that only the
correct destination bin can be selected and uses an
algorithm to display the bin average against each specific
quality test. Full traceability of each load is intrinsic to the
system and the module allows optimal blending to meet
customer specifications.
CommTrac GQM supports the use of
varieties: CommTrac GQM will allow for the addition of
‘sub commodities’ called ‘varieties’.
Varieties will be used to allow the system to identify
the grade of each vehicle that has been brought in. Varieties are
referenced via commodities, much the same as commodities and
commodity groups. It allows for additional tests to be setup
against specific varieties and information to be stored against it.
  CommTrac GQM allows tests to be set up against
commodities and variety: the user has the ability to create
new tests; tests can be entered into the system and selected
against specific commodity and varieties. This allows the user to
select commodity specific tests — i.e. tests that are to be run for
every variety and then add additional tests to the required
varieties. Example — Tests 2, 6, 7, 8, 9 are to be done for every
related variety but ‘Commodity Type 3’ will also have Tests 4, 13,
14, 15 carried out as well. The selected tests will then be created
when a new vehicle is entered into the system for the chosen
  CommTrac GQM allows Sample Results to be logged
against each vehicle booked in and show qualities for
each bin: sample results are logged against a specific trip and
can be recalled from within the system at any time. The results
will also be passed down to the individual bins that contains the
product, as commodity is added/removed from the bin the
average quality will be recalculated.
  CommTrac GQM allows for the entry and
management of customer contracts: contracts are agreed
between the port authority and its customers for an amount of
grain of a particular specification at a specific price. Additional
contract-specific information can be stored such as the current
status of the contract, the expected delivery/collection dates, whether
the contract is for an assured load and whether the office should be
notified by an alarm if a delivery arrives against that contract.
  CommTrac GQM displays a summary of the customer
contracts: a summary of all contracts can be displayed, sorted
and filtered to provide an overview and access to a particular contract
or group of contracts. These may be filtered to a particular customer
or commodity, or may show all of the contracts currently ‘on stop’.
The contract summary screen allows a contract to be selected
and the transactions viewed against that contract. Information
regarding the vehicle and haulier, as well as the commodity, tonnage
delivered and specifications can be viewed. An average specification
relating to that contract’s deliveries is also shown.
  Booking a vehicle on site: a vehicle’s details are entered against a contract (number) supplied
by the driver. Vehicle details such as date last washed out and
what were the last three loads are recorded in line with TASCC
requirements. The vehicle is then issued a unique Ticket ID
which will be used to track the load through the process of
testing and weighing. CommTrac GQM displays a summary of
the vehicles currently on site along with their status and details
of the contract against which they are delivering.
  Weighbridge and bin details: CommTrac GQM displays a
dynamic and user adjustable view of the weighbridge lanes and
the bin layout, as well as an overview of the current bin contents.
The weighbridge operator has control and information from this
screen to select the route (bin) for the vehicle on the bridge and
will request auto or manual weighs from the system.
The operator can immediately see whether a vehicle can be
called forward as the screen will display a green tick to state that
the route is correct for that particular load. At each action the
vehicle’s details are displayed to ensure that the operator has
selected the correct one. The weighbridge screen can also
provide the operator with a list of that day’s vehicles, their Ticket
ID, registration, commodity and weight and time off-site.
David Trueman, DBIS sales director, said, “The new CommTrac
GQM quality module is a vital addition to CommTrac for bulk
commodity operations that have grain exports. This will
significantly cut down the instances of cross contamination,
optimize blending to most accurately meet specification and
dramatically increase the efficiency of these operations. Bulk
terminal operators will be able to promote this as part of their
diligence in properly handling their customer’s commodities.”