Bedeschi, Liebherr and Logmarin are pleased to announce the
formation of a strategic business alliance — Bulk Logistic
Landmark (BLL) — profiting from synergies, individual strengths
and networks of each of the three partners.
This company has been family-owned since 1908. Management
continuity guarantees uninterrupted transfer of technological
knowledge. Bedeschi is a leading supplier of machinery and
services to bulk material handling and minerals industries,
focused on handling difficult materials from sticky coal or clay to
dry and wearing, iron ore and minerals.
Also family-owned, Liebherr is one of the most reliable and
experienced world-class crane manufacturers. Faster handling,
economy, reliability and superior technology make Liebherr a
leading maritime cranes supplier with tailor-made solutions for
operations on any vessel, quayside, barge, transshipper and
handling containers, bulk cargoes, pallets and heavy lifts.
Part of RINA (Italian Classification Society, IACS member) and
Banchero Costa (leading shipbroking house), Logmarin Advisors
specializes in shipping and maritime logistics. It provides broadbased
advice, creative ideas, technical support for ship handling,
port facility requirements, ship conversions, floating terminal
solutions, self unloading vessels, shipping market survey, supply
chain design and the optimal solution at any stage of the marine
supply chain.
While continuing to do what each partner does efficiently, and
with the aim of maintaining their individual expertise and
leadership worldwide, the pooling of skills and expertise of
Bedeschi, Liebherr and Logmarin will provide dependable and
integrated advice, design, equipment procurement and supply for
effective, safe and environmental sensitive dry-bulk cargo handling
The alliance exploits very significant resources in terms of
expertise, technology, network and know-how from its partners
and associates, through years of experience and implementation
of many onshore and offshore projects world-wide.
The alliance aims to:
*  collect and combine the best technological know-how and
operational expertise in the maritime dry-bulk handling and
transport market;
*  generate value-added customized solutions and provide the
most complete range of logistical services, creative advice
(software) and cargo handling equipment (hardware) linking
shipping with industry; and
*  partner with its clients in the development of creative, costeffective
and customized logistics solutions improving the flow of
the dry-bulk commodities to industry.
BLL prides itself on being among the world leaders in floating
terminal solutions for dry-bulk transshipment. Thanks to its wide
knowledge and long experience, it is able to deliver the most
effective solution to any dry cargo handling problem.
BLL provides a wide range of quality-assured and state-of-theart
expertise and technology for green dry-bulk handling,
storage, transshipment and waterway transport tailored to the
individual needs of its clients in the maritime dry-bulk supply
chain industry.
The alliance’s target markets are power utilities, steel mills,
IPPs, cement factories, mining companies, commodity traders,
port authorities, shipping industry, terminal operators, ship
owners and port engineering companies.
This new alliance, is currently working on some shore and
floating terminals projects in the Mediterranean Sea and in the
Far East, out of which one port project is at commissioning stage
and three floating terminal projects are under implementation.
It has also already taken part in the following two
representative projects:
onshore: the upgrading of the Toros Ceyhan shore terminal,
located in the Bay of Iskenderun in Turkey, by providing two new
travelling cranes, hoppers and conveyor system. With the new
unloading facility the terminal is able to unload coal, and other
dry bulk materials from the largest post-Panamax vessel at an
average daily rate exceeding 25,000 tonnes. The Daffodil with
60,883 tonnes was the first vessel unloaded early May this year
by the new cargo handling facility provided by the alliance. The
terminal can be seen in the picture.
*  offshore: Bulk Logistic Landmark is proud to be among the
world leaders in floating terminal solutions for dry bulk
transshipment. The floating terminal Princesse Chloe under
construction at Keppel Subic Shipyard, is the latest floating facility
designed by Logmarin/Interprogetti, with Liebherr cranes and
Bedeschi conveyor system, hoppers and
shiploader. Princesse Chloe is capable of
loading over 800,000 tonnes of coal
monthly. The environmentally friendly coal
transfer operation will be operational
from December this year, working at a
daily average rate exceeding 40,000
The efficiency of this coal handling
facility will enable the Indonesian coal
producer to maximize the vessel cargo
carrying capacity (thus avoiding wasted
space in the vessel’s holds) and minimize
the vessel’s loading time thus reducing
the transportation cost significantly.
Therefore Princesse Chloe has
significant competitive advantages over
the existing transshipper units.