Bu¨hler has become the number one supplier in industrialized rice processing. Its position in the industry as a trusted technology partner to processing businesses is further underlined by its raft of innovative solutions to suit the needs of processors large and small.

Rice is grown on every continent, apart from Antarctica, and is a staple food for more than half of the world’s population. In fact, one billion people globally are directly or indirectly reliant on rice — either for food or income, or both. With the world’s population predicted to reach 8.27 billion by 2030, demand for rice is expected to increase by approximately 100mt (million tonnes) to 550mt in the same period.

Bu¨hler is well prepared to play a key role in processing these fast growing rice volumes: thanks to significant contract wins over the past 12 months, the company has taken the pole position in global industrialized rice processing, exceeding its closest competitor in terms of combined turnover in rice milling and logistics. Today, around 30% of the global rice harvest will be processed on systems from Bu¨hler.

This accomplishment is owed to Bu¨hler’s commitment and success in delivering global expertise with local customer service, innovations, and its ability to understand every step along the value chain. 

“Paramount to Bu¨hler’s success are the 90 service stations around the world,” explains Detlef Blass, Head of Rice Processing Europe and Americas at Bu¨hler. “They have a deep- rooted understanding of the issues affecting the markets they operate in and cement Bu¨hler’s ability to adapt its technology and business model to the needs of processors in each area.”

Furthermore, Centres of Competence located in major rice producing markets, including India and China, house the world’s best rice technology and nutrition experts, who are well placed to develop regional rice processing and added-value technology solutions that meet distinct local requirements in paddy handling, storage, and milling.

The success achieved in South East Asia is a perfect example of this formula and highlights Bu¨hler’s widening technology and engineering footprint in the key rice processing markets. Rustom Mistry, Head of Rice Processing for China and South East Asia explains: “In the past two years we have secured in excess of US$100 million worth of business, including the company’s largest-ever contract for rice processing, a landmark agreement with Merry Rice in Thailand.” The contract, for more than 50 Bu¨hler SORTEX S UltraVisionTM optical sorters, and 50 high-capacity UltraPolyTM rice polishers, will result in the world’s largest rice mill, capable of processing more than 10,000 tonnes of rice per day.

Bu¨hler is also trading strongly in Europe, where it has completed a combination of new installations and plant upgrades. In Spain, the company installed a 100% Bu¨hler rice grinding plant — the largest in the world — producing high value premium rice flour for use in baby foods, instant beverages and gluten free products.

Meanwhile in the Americas, market development and penetration for Bu¨hler rice processing solutions remains buoyant. In Columbia, Bu¨hler has supplied engineering and accessories for a paddy project, processing more than nine tonnes per hour.

Among the innovations in rice processing solutions launched in recent years is the high capacity rice processing installations UltraLineTM. It comprises the optical sorter UltraVisionTM, the rice polishing machine UltrapolyTM, and the rice whitener UltrawhiteTM. By way of example, built-in intelligence enables UltraVisionTM to make intelligent decisions about which grain is acceptable and which grain should be rejected.

Bu¨hler will continue to expand local sales and service channels, plus build expertise to further strengthen its provision of energy efficient, processing technologies for emerging and mature rice markets worldwide. Bu¨hler’s commitment to understanding and serving its customers, underpinned by a solid strategy of forging and investing in long-lasting business partnerships with rice processors, large and small, around the world, will ensure that Bu¨hler remains in pole position for 2016, where several significant rice projects are further expected.


Every day, billions of people come into contact with Bu¨hler technologies, to cover their basic needs for food and mobility. With its industrial process technologies and solutions, Bu¨hler contributes significantly to feeding the world’s population, setting a focus on food security and safety as well as reducing carbon emissions of cars and buildings. In 2015, its roughly 10,800 employees in more than 140 countries generated a turnover of

CHF 2.4 billion. The global Swiss family-owned company Bu¨hler is particularly committed to sustainability.