Following a 20% increase over the past year in the number of ships managed by its Cyprus-based Ship Management Centre, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM) was a prominent participant in Maritime Cyprus, which took place in the middle of September this year. This increase is underpinned by a strong government and a secure, growing economy which is proving attractive to private equity and shipping companies who are considering the island as a base.

Arthur McWhinnie, BSM (Cyprus) Managing Director, and a Board member of the Cyprus Shipping Chamber said:“The increasing number of companies moving to be based in Cyprus reflects the island’s strong economic and geographical position. Cyprus provides all the benefits of being in Europe as well as having close ties to the three continents on its doorstep.

“The growth in the number of ships that BSM manages is a strong endorsement of our focus on providing high quality ship management services, established reputation and prominent position within the industry.”

BSM hosted an exhibition stand and reception at Maritime Cyprus, where it showcased its comprehensive ship management and maritime solutions capabilities.


BSM is an integrated maritime solutions leader, with more than 130 years of experience in the shipping industry. Managing a fleet of 600 vessels, its 20,000 employees globally enable it to deliver ship management services through a network of nine ship management, 23 crew service and five wholly-owned maritime training centres across the world. Alongside its comprehensive ship-management services, BSM offers a suite of complementary maritime solutions that are customized to meet individual customer requirements.