Bruks Siwertell has been contracted by the joint venture company, Waelz Sustainable Products (WSP), to supply a series of conveyors for its new zinc recycling facility. WSP’s co-owners, Mexico-based Zinc Nacional and Indianapolis-based Heritage Environmental Services, received permission last year to go ahead with the plant’s construction in Logansport, Indiana, USA.

“Strict environmental compliance, a proven track-record of reliable, efficient technology and the ability to deliver to a tight timeframe were critical factors in securing the order,” says Christopher Duffy, Area Sales Manager, Bruks Siwertell.

The plant’s material handling arrangement calls for the delivery of eleven belt conveyors, a bucket elevator, and feed hoppers including all associated chute work. Three of the belt conveyors will be installed inside lit and ventilated tube gallery structures to achieve a totally enclosed system. Strategically located dust collection units have also been specified to ensure environmental protection.

Bruks Siwertell conveyor system

The conveyor systems will handle steel mill by-product materials such as electric arc-furnace (EAF) dust and pellets, carbon, and limestone, each at a typical capacity of 30t/h.

“Incorporating a totally enclosed system is critical because of the very dry and dusty materials,” Duffy explains. “The conveyors located inside buildings are covered and the transfer conveyors between buildings are installed in the gallery structures. This ensures environmental compliance and makes the entire material handling arrangement dust-tight to the atmosphere.”

The new facility is projected to process up to 120,000 metric tons of by-product materials annually using Waelz Kiln technology, which reclaims valuable zinc oxide from the steel dust.

“Zinc oxide has a number of uses from rubber and ceramics, through to lubricants and ointments. Its reclamation from industrial waste is a positive environmental step, and it is great to know that our systems are part of this sustainability move,” he notes.

In accordance with the owner’s construction schedule, equipment deliveries are planned to commence in April through to July 2021, with the facility due to be fully operational towards the end of 2021.