Tele Radio BV in The Hague, subsidiary of Tele Radio in the Benelux, has been the proud supplier of radio controls to Breston in the Netherlands, which has been a manufacturer of mobile transport systems for almost 20 years. Breston mainly applies wireless remote controls to its shiploaders and store loaders.
Tele Radio, founded in 1955 in Lysekil, Sweden, specializes in the development and production of safe, radiographic remote controls for industrial use. “The robustly and durable built remote controls are characterized by a very high reliability and an ergonomic design,” says Jerry Bredewoud, salesman at Tele Radio BV and account manager for Breston. “The transmitters and receivers meet the highest possible safety standards and have independent certification.”
The globally operating Tele Radio Group currently has set up more than 20 branches and dozens of dealers and agents spread across Europe, the United States, and Asia.
Tele Radio Group serves a range of industrial sectors with innovative solutions for the realization of wireless remote control of lifting equipment, cranes, heavy machinery, winches, hydraulic tail lifts, gates, and doors, to name just a few. “Where necessary, we can adjust our remote controls for specific applications.”
An example of a demanding application is the wireless remote control used by the telescoping store loaders and shiploaders of Breston BV, a manufacturer of mobile transport systems. The top-notch Tiger series remote control is used for this. Jan Abresch, sales manager at Breston notes: “The Tiger remote control meets all our requirements; in terms of safety as well as functionality and reliability.”
The remote control’s functionality is highly programmable and customizable.
Proportional operating buttons or joysticks guarantee precise control. The connection between transmitter and receiver is checked every 40 milliseconds. The remote controls have standard relays, analogue, and digital inputs and outputs, and various fieldbus communication protocols. These protocols include an emergency stop function and relays that meet SIL 3 and PLe classifications. The Tiger also shows machine feedback via LED lights.
Says Bredewoud: “This way the operator can easily see whether a function is active, without having to see the machine. The control has an adjustable range of up to 1,000 metres, depending on the environment.
The transmitter and receiver are protected against moisture and dust (IP65). Depending on the model, the control has a rechargeable, replaceable battery or a rechargeable internal battery.
The Tiger can be personalized with a front foil. Says Abresch: “We can therefore supply our machines utilizing a Tiger remote control that has the Breston look. The clear function indication of the buttons on the transmitter contributes to an efficient and safe operation of our store loaders and shiploaders.”
Breston BV in Nieuwe Tonge (the Netherlands) is dedicated to the design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of fixed and mobile transport systems for the agriculture and bulk processing industry. In addition to warehouse loaders and shiploaders, the company also supplies verifiable weighing bunkers and loading systems for trucks, even far beyond national borders.
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