Teledata Marine Solutions, in collaboration with the Breakbulk Institute, USA, is pleased to offer the first ever, interactive online course in Breakbulk Fundamentals.

Transportation of heavy lift, project cargo and non-containerized cargo is a sector of shipping that requires specialized knowledge. 

As a rapidly growing, important area of maritime business, Breakbulk shipping calls for new entrants with the appropriate skills and existing professionals who can achieve a global benchmark of industry knowledge

'); Breakbulk Fundamentals

Breakbulk Fundamentals will introduce the learner to the industry and how it functions; equipping students with the tools and knowledge to participate in complex breakbulk transportation projects. 

The course has both basic and advanced level topics, making it suitable for new entrants and junior professionals in this field. 

The course is equivalent to 60 hours of classroom training and includes video, case studies, real world documents and other interactive content. 

Because it is online, students can learn at their own pace – anytime, anywhere.   At the end of the course, students should have a basic understanding with respect to:  

  • International trade and the role of Breakbulk Shipping
  • Types of cargoes and entities in Breakbulk Shipping
  • Processes for co-ordinating movement of Breakbulk Cargo
  • Selection of Ships for Breakbulk Cargo
  • Liabilities and Documentation    

Maritime Logistics Program  

Maritime Shipping has played a key role in facilitating global commerce for centuries.  Today, the competitive advantage goes to those organizations that excel in the logistics of cargo transport and managing a global supply chain. 

Experienced personnel that have the skills and knowledge to support this competence are highly valuable and sought after. 

To meet this demand, Teledata Marine Solutions, in collaboration with Maine Maritime Academy, is pleased to offer the first ever, interactive online course in Maritime Logistics.  

This Maritime Logistics program deals with the logistical challenges encountered in a supply chain environment.  It is offered as a three-credit course in the Masters of Maritime Management Program or as a continuing education course leading to a certificate from Maine Maritime Academy.

This e-learning course contains real world examples, integrated case studies, quizzes, industry-related resources and is equivalent to 75 hours of in-class study. 

A student can learn at his or her own pace from any location.  

On completing this course, the student will have an understanding and problem-solving ability in the following areas:  

  • Maritime Logistics
  • Market Dynamics
  • Ship Utilization
  • Port/Terminal Operations and Classification
  • Liner Operations and Regulations
  • Maritime Security and its effects on shipping
  • Intermodal Operation  

This course is designed for a multi-disciplinary audience to meet the preliminary familiarisation needs of logistics operation.

These include shipping companies, port/ terminal operators, charterers, logistic service providers, marine equipment and leasing companies. 

For the continuing education certification course, there is no pre-requisite.  Anyone who seeks to advance their knowledge and skills in the area of Maritime Logistics will benefit.                                           

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