During its three-month harvest season, 25mt (million tonnes) of soya will be exported by Brazilian ports this year. In the following three months, an additional 50mt will be sent abroad. In total, for 2014, Brazilian ports will handle up to 45mt of this product. On top of this, a further 28mt of corn will also be exported, giving a grand total of 73mt of both products, compared to a combined 69mt exported last year and 52mt in 2012. However, in the early part of the year, Brazil has been hit by a drought, which could impact on yields.

Production in the mid-West region is on the increase and is putting pressure on ports in the south and south-east of the country. In 2009, for example, production above the 16th parallel was in the region of 38mt, rising to 61mt last year. However, it is estimated that export capacity at ports, which reached 76.2mt in 2013, has risen to 83.5mt for the current year. Ports in the North and North East have also increased capacity to cope with burgeoning demand.