BIMCO is launching a new business area – Publications – with the aim to share more of the organization’s expert knowledge and increase the amount of publications offered.

This year, and over the coming years, BIMCO will be publishing a string of new publications in close corporation with Witherby Publishing Group. Two of the most recent publications; an updated version of the BIMCO Shipmaster’s Security Manual and the Ship Lay-up Guide are available on Witherby Publishing Group’s website.

“Offering our expert knowledge and practical advice through publications is a very strong part of BIMCO’s DNA,” says BIMCO Secretary General and CEO, Angus Frew.

“Therefore, it is only a natural step for us to further develop this area and pass on that knowledge through the new Publications business area,” Frew says.

Covering the ground with new publications

With the new business area, BIMCO will be covering a lot of ground that currently reflects the core business areas in the organisation, in addition to launching new publications covering areas such as contracts related to offshore, cyber security, ice navigation and more.

The BIMCO Shipmaster’s Security Manual is an example of how expert knowledge can be gathered for the benefit of a large variety of players in the industry. The manual has recently been updated with guidelines on cyber security on board ships and guidelines on migrant rescue at sea.

The manual is dedicated to helping members protect their crews, ships, operations and ultimately their businesses, against the challenges posed by pirates, cyber criminals, drug smugglers, stowaways and terrorists. It is also dedicated to providing guidance on the comprehensive regulatory framework that exists in the security field.

Another example is the Ship Lay-up guide, which is a new publication offering a comprehensive guide to best practice when placing a ship into lay-up. The guide is an essential and practical aid for shipowners and managers considering ship lay-up. The publication is done in corporation with Witherby Publishing Group and International Shipcare and includes a Record of Ship Lay-up covering all phases from planning of lay-up to reactivation.

Going forward, BIMCO and Witherby Publishing Group are planning to launch publications such as the Shipmaster’s Ballast Water Manual and the Ice Navigation and Seamanship Handbook

BIMCO members will get a 20% discount on all the publications that BIMCO is involved in.