BigRoll will continue their high-quality services as part of Roll Group. With the merger of the BigRoll organization, Roll Group will expand their state of the art fleet with of two module carriers in combination with the five existing multifunctional heavy lift, semi-submersible Ro-Ro vessels.

The combination of BigRoll and RollDock allows for unlimited flexibility and enables Roll Group to provide the best possible Ro-Ro solution to our clients. Roll Group can benefit from the many years of engineering and project execution experience of RollDock and BigRoll at sea and Roll-Lift on land.  Roll Group can offer full scope services to integrate engineered land and sea solutions, eliminating interface challenges for our clients.

The MC-class vessels BIGROLL BERING and BIGROLL BEAUFORT are custom-built for the transportation of the world’s most extreme modules. The five RollDock vessels are flexible, multifunctional semi-submersible vessels equipped with a Ro-Ro ramp capable of carrying up to 4,000mt and two port-side mounted cranes each capable of lifting 350 mt each. Within each category, these vessels are completely interchangeable, offering high-quality engineered solutions and an increased peace of mind to our clients.

About Roll Group

Roll Group offers a total solution on transportation and lifting of heavy cargo. Operating under one name, the forces of the companies RollDock, Roll-Lift and BigRoll are strengthened. Our engineering capability is at the forefront of everything we do. Our team of experts evaluate every aspect of each project and provide the most efficient, cost effective and practical solution to provide a positive outcome.

With an innovative and diverse asset base, Roll Group takes care of the heaviest cargo. RollDock owns five dock-type vessels, which all have the option of three loading modes - Ro-Ro, Flo-Flo and Lo-Lo, and two ice-classed BigRoll Module Carriers. On the land side Roll‐Lift operates a large number of modern heavy lift cranes. Together with a vast array of Self Propelled Modular Trailers (SPMT’s) and Conventional Trailers, Roll-Lift performs the lifting and transport activities with maximum safety, precision and efficiency. The specific characteristics of our asset base ensure that we are able to serve a wide range of markets, such as: Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Renewable Energy, Power, Civil Construction, Dredging and Naval.