India’s building industry boom has increased its demand for cement.
In order to meet this demand, ever larger cement plants have been
erected.  Bucket elevators are used to transport raw meal to the
heat exchanger.  The BEUMER group, which offers both advanced
technologies and experience, has for years been supplying high-
capacity belt bucket elevators to Indian cement manufacturers such
as ACC Ltd. which is part of the Holcim Group.
The main growth drivers in India are the development of the
infrastructure and the private housing construction. Approximately
US$500 billion is supposed to flow into the modernization and
expansion of traffic routes, airports and seaports as well as into the
energy and water supply up to 2012.  According to information from
the Cement Manufacturers Association (CMA), the cost of cement
— depending on the project — can be between 8% and 30% of the
total cost.  In order to meet the increased demand for this treasured
material, the Holcim Group — the second biggest cement
manufacturer in the world — has erected together with its
subsidiary Ambuja Cement a large plant with a daily output of 8,500
tonnes in Bhatapara, India.  Intralogistics specialist BEUMER will
supply a high-capacity belt bucket elevator for this project.
BEUMER high-capacity belt bucket elevators are used for
transporting, in an optimum way, fine-grain to powdery products in
mass flows.  The grain size determines the type of bucket mounting
to be used: segment fastenings are used up to a grain size of 25
millimetres and BEUMER rubber-metal fastenings for grain sizes
between 25 and 60 millimetres.  A belt clamping connection for steel
wire belts as traction element developed specifically by BEUMER
offers a long lasting service life of the belt.  In the case of large centre distances,
the high-capacity belt bucket elevators are provided with monitoring switches. 
This way, the fit of the belt clampingconnection is continuously monitored.
Owing to the safety systemdeveloped by BEUMER, this monitoring is contactless,
wear-free andreliable.
The BEUMER belt bucket elevator used in the cement plant in
Bhatapara (India) is characterized especially by its huge height of 158
metres and by its considerable width of 1.25 metres.  The conveying
capacity amounts to approximately 650tph (tonnes per hour).  The high-
capacity belt bucket elevator used in Karnataka (South-India) is even
higher.  Within the context of the increased kiln performance, the
company ACC Ltd is building up a large cement plant with a daily output
of 13,000 tonnes in the Wadi plant.  Here, a high-capacity belt bucket
elevator with a centre distance of 175.3 metres and a conveying capacity
of 600tph will come into operation.
Also the kiln lines of the Grasim plants in Tadipatri, Karnataka and
Aditya II in Rajastahn are fed respectively by two high-capacity belt bucket
elevators of BEUMER.  The kiln lines have a daily output of 10,000 tonnes.
The belt bucket elevators used have a conveying capacity of 550tph and a
height that exceeds 145 metres.
Also the ABG-Group is currently building up a cement plant with a
daily output of 10,000 tonnes in Kutch, Gujarat.  Here, three BEUMER
high-capacity belt bucket elevators, with a height exceeding 164 metres,
will be used for the raw meal transport.  The conveying capacity amounts
to 500tph.
The bucket elevators have been supplied in cooperation with the
Indian subsidiary BEUMER Technology India Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai.  The
BEUMER subsidiary in Mumbai, with approx. 30 employees, offers a
trouble-free installation and an after-sales-service close to the customer,
with own spare parts, providing also projection, range of products and
project management carried out by qualified employees. The BEUMER high-capacity belt bucket elevators are used
for transporting in optimal way fine-grain to powdery
products in mass flows.