Spanish terminal operating company Berge´ has expanding its warehousing capacity for dry bulks at the northern port of Santander. The new facilities, which are on the outskirts of the port, are aimed at improving storage of agribulk. Enhanced handling equipment has also been acquired.

In total, 3,500m2 of new warehousing has been brought on line, capable of storing up to 12,000 tonnes of dry bulk, particularly cereals and flour.

In May, Berge´ is also due to make operational a new nine-metre high hopper that has a 250-tonne capacity, which will also be used in the handling of grains and flour. Dust suppression features have been built into this new equipment such as a new flex-flap, upper enhancement protection, side walls and slatted curtains, all of which will improve environmental standards.

Although a major player in the Spanish market, in 2016, at Santander, Berge´ handled around 900,000 tonnes of general cargo and dry bulk. Of this, agribulk accounted for just 180,000 tonnes, which in turn was about half the total for the port as a whole.