When Jolconsultancy was looking for software for one of its Italian clients (Intergroup — two sea terminals and five inland terminals involved in terminal operations, warehousing, packaging, transport to final delivery), it could not find one integrated system which satisfied all the requirements. Jolconsultancy therefore decided to team up with Argonaut Systems Ltd to create a new software package that would fit the bill. The new software, ‘Bellerophon Maritime & Logistics Edition’, is based on Argonaut Systems’ highly successful ‘Bellerophon 2.0 Enterprise Management System’.
Bellerophon Maritime & Logistics Edition is Argonaut Systems’ enterprise management system for general cargo, bulk, warehousing, ports & terminals, vessel planning, logistics services and invoicing. It is the first completely integrated software package developed for the Microsoft.NET (dot net) Framework, which offers new and exciting possibilities through the use of the latest emerging technologies.
The program is unique in the marketplace and fully integrated as a one-stop solution — a truly single instance application. It gives live data on demand, super-fast response times, fastest pick-up of commodities, distribution and cost control, trucking and general operations like storage etc., up to each single cost involved in the full operation. Other benefits of a single integrated system are that, if one item is updated, the whole system is updated. Users can also create and customize their own reports before printing. The system consists of the following options: 
  • port operations (vessel, yard, gate moves) , all in true live 3-D;
  • warehousing (storage, volumes lifted and remaining in bulk and general cargo, pallets cargo);
  • packing/unpacking of cargoes (bag loading or truck
  • loading/unloading, packaging management);
  • transport (rail/truck/barge) any kind of multi-stop, connections
  • Google roadmaps etc.;
  • external and internal fleet management;
  • commercial (marketing, sales, rates, contracts, and all statistics on all issues);
  • analysis & forecasting;
  • equipment management;
  • berth scheduling;
  • vehicle management;
  • personnel scheduling;
  • 3-D visual monitoring; y weighbridge integration;
  • live stock levels;
  • multi layered bill of materials;
  • invoicing (fully customizeable); and
  • EDI (full SMDG or any other available)
Because of its wide-ranging abilities, the software package was called Bellerophon, named after the powerful hero from Greek mythology who was best known for slaying the monster Chimera. The Bellerophon software package is a truly 100% state-of-the- art enterprise solution.
Although the product itself is comparatively new to the market, the brains behind the system have more than 30 years’ experience in the shipping industry and bring their knowledge and skills not only from the container market, but also from manufacturing and retailing companies. All of these factors set the package apart from the normal TOS for containers. Bellerophon operates on simple servers and any database can be connected. The system is tested and proven, having been operating for over six years. The system has recently been implemented in Gaeta and Rome for a company called Intergroup. Intergroup is 99% general cargo, bulk, RoRo, warehousing packing of chemicals products and food in bags (any size) and the company carries out all the logistic services for its customers.
From terminal operations to the final delivery point, the system handles just-in-time operations for coal deliveries, cement factories and the sugar for Coca Cola, amongst others.
Intergroup requested that the installation should begin with the logistics side. Next to go live is warehousing, and port operations will follow that a few weeks later, as this can be done simply and rapidly for this kind of cargo. Clients have access to the system for real-time tracking, views and monitoring.
The system can, of course, handle containers as the vessel planning module has already been sold to several large international companies. The yard module can be adjusted to handle containers in the most efficient way. The next stage is to combine the general cargo and container processing in the yard, which will be a simple process given Argonaut’s years of experience in the container industry.
The company is located in the UK and its directors Steve Coleman, Nick Goss and Mike Close have many years of experience developing computer systems for the maritime industry. Mr Coleman has also developed systems in the manufacturing and commercial industry in conjunction with the fourth director Tim Larcombe. They have teamed up with Jolconsultancy to drive further sales of the system.
Jolconsultancy located in the Netherlands is the world wide marketing and commercial partners of the system.
Using his extensive experience, Frans Jol, through his consultancy business Jolconsultancy, serves a varied group of customers. Other than Argonaut and Intergroup, Jolconsultancy also represents Esoware, Copas, RTE, ARI, Plantask, Neptune, ISL Applications, Phaeros, John Evans, Globalsim, RTE, Solacem, Lorenzini & C. Srl, Camorani, Burke Shipping Group, ICTSI, Sisam Group, Morandi Group, Mafi Transport systems, and Houcon cargo systems, Drie- D, Liftcom, Marinero and many more.