As part of a continuous improvement process, on 1 July, Bedeschi finalized the corporate merger for the integration of ONT - Officine Nastri Trasportatori, (based in Bergamo) and Bedeschi Handling (based in Genoa) already part of the group. Bedeschi is an historic Italian company, which is a major supplier of bulk handling and onshore and offshore logistics solutions.
This development optimizes the operating, financial and administrative management of the companies involved. It also keeps the headquarters and facilities and completes the acquisition of expertise — specifically about belt conveyors and plant engineering — which started a few years ago.
Russian project
Bedeschi is further strengthening its global presence with the opening of a new subsidiary in Moscow (in addition to those in the USA, Morocco, India and Dubai). Bedeschi Russia will actively contribute to the project management of the new OTEKO project in Taman. The project consists in the supply of a fully automated coal export terminal with a total aggregated capacity of more than 50,000tph (tonnes per hour) on the six loading lines.
The supply includes bucketwheel stacker-reclaimers, several kilometres of conveyors, and shiploaders. The system allows for the blending of different types of coal.
Focus on innovation, diversification and green solutions
For more than a century, Bedeschi has provided effective and reliable solutions in a wide variety of industries (cement, coal, fertilizer, grain and many more), capitalizing on synergies and cross competences. Diversification is a major asset of the group, reinforcing its focus on continuous innovation with its products and service, to ensure that it can offer tailor-made solutions for its customers.
Bedeschi always pays great attention to the environment, and to international standards that relate to safety and protecting the world around us.
For this reason, Bedeschi will be one of the companies involved in the former Ilva project, now ArcelorMittal, plant that is going to be one of the most advanced and environmentally friendly facilities in Europe.
The company from Padua was awarded a contract for the supply of the stacking and reclaiming system inside the Primary Parks (mineral and fossil).
The supply of the new machines, along with other works related to keeping the parks safe and contained, will have a key role in reducing the dust spillage towards the city, with remarkable energy savings, all while improving the efficiency of the production and the reliability of the whole plant.
Already at its production phase, the plant will be operational by spring 2020, and will involve many local contractors for its installation.
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