Bedeschi has implemented the previous supply of two additional self-propelled ecological hoppers for unloading of bulk grains, with one continuous shipunloader for grains, for the same client, Ashdod Port in Israel.
The scope of supply consists of a fully erected shipunloader; the example of Bedeschi’s capability to follow customer’s requirements and the market trends for this kind of equipment.
A fully erected solution means that it is delivered already assembled directly to its final working position. This approach has been proposed to ensure a higher standard of convenience to the costumer, which minimises the assembly and commissioning time onsite, a very important element especially when the destination dock is difficult to be served by the land or when activities cannot be interrupted.
The unloading system is based on the proven chain elevator technology, which grants lowest power consumption, gentle handling of the material and compliancy with the most stringent environmental regulation, simple and unexpansive maintenance.
The chain elevator features a hydraulic kick-in, kick-out system to optimise the coverage of hold volume increasing total unloading efficiency. Considering the abrasiveness of the material handled, the chain elevator, boom chain conveyor and chain conveyor connecting to quay belt conveyor have been specifically designed to prevent wearing through the use of high hardness special steel and easy to replace wearing plates.
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