Bedeschi S.p.A. is an industrial design and manufacturing company located in Padua, Italy; it was founded in 1908 and has been operating globally for several decades now. In addition to its original brick business unit, Bedeschi can now supply machinery and complete plants for bulk handling, marine, gas cleaning and container logistics.
One of Bedeschi’s major projects is currently in the installation phase. Installation works are well under way at Bedeschi’s Lafarge Holcim Maroc project site in Souss, Morocco. Following an intense civil work phase, during which the single trusses were preassembled and equipped with the mechanical components, the 4.3km long-distance belt conveyor is starting to taking shape. The site team is taking full advantage of Trimble Connect to facilitate the erection works. Bedeschi is designing, executing and delivering every component of this outstanding turnkey project.
Hard environments, high slopes and difficult accesses are not insuperable obstacles in the face of smart solutions.
The conveyor, which trusses up to five tonnes completely assembled on the ground, has been erected on the mountain using a suspended cableway. The system, installed and operated by Bedeschi’s team alongside partner SEIK, allowed for fast-track operations with high degree of safety and quality.
This advanced methodology allowed Bedeschi to carry out the installation within a tight schedule and with limited impact on the local environment, to the full satisfaction of the end client. Bedeschi is grateful to its entire team for the effort and dedication to achieve the target.
Bedeschi confirmed its reliability as an EPC contractor for the material handling sector and continues to grow and expand its expertise by the usage of technologies and innovation. The company is proud to share such a smart strategy to erect a long belt conveyor on mountains.