Based in Oro-Medonte, Ontario, Canada, BATEMAN is a major equipment manufacturer which specializes in the creation and fabrication of material handling products designed to support the recycling, demolition, waste, industrial, port, railway, and forestry industries.
Founded in 1989, BATEMAN has over 30 years of experience in attachment manufacturing and continues to rapidly expand. In 2019, BATEMAN was acquired by GRYB International, a material handling attachments manufacturer based in Victoriaville, Quebec. GRYB International derives from GRYB Attachments, which was founded in 2007 and continues to expand with the additional acquisitions of Winkle Industries in Ohio, ShearEx in Quebec, and recently, SERCO Loaders in Minnesota. GRYB International is a group of manufacturing companies that develop, design, and manufacture products for a wide range of industries. Today, GRYB International employs over 400 individuals.
BATEMAN’s major bulk-handling clients include those in the road salt, wood chip, and coal handling industries. The company’s hydraulic and self-contained diesel clamshell buckets and ships’ gear grapples are the best solution for streamlining rehandling processes for their versatility and durability. Its hydraulic clamshell buckets are available in light, medium, and heavyduty configurations with either open or closed-back designs. All BATEMAN clamshell buckets come equipped with BATEMAN’s severe-duty rotator with continuous 360° rotation and internal hydraulic relief and feature fully sealed moving parts for submersion in water.
BATEMAN’s ships gear grapples are also a popular re-handling solution for customers. Purpose-built for ports; BATEMAN’s ships’ gear grapples help reduce demerging fees with their large handling capacities. Their split body construction allows complete and easy access to the engine, while the hinged doors allow easy access for inspection and preventative maintenance.
To stay competitive in the market, BATEMAN is continually investing in research and development to improve its products and actively innovate new, industry-leading material handling attachments. After years in the grapple business, BATEMAN decided to bring over some of its grabs’ strongest features to its port attachments’ designs such as rotations, pin design and retention, cylinder design, and frame design to provide customers with the dexterity of an orange peel grapple.