The new port of Barcarena has recently opened in Brazil, being 20 km from the city of Belém. The Ponta da Montanha Terminal is owned by Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM), which aims to handle 1.5mt (million tonnes) a year during the first phase of operation, although could result in 6mt being handled by the end of 2014.

Investment of up to $200 million is being made in the facility, which was acquired by the company in 2012 and its redevelopment is being undertaken with a view to connecting road, rail and inland waterway at the port. It will mostly handle bulk grain, especially soya bean and corn from the midwest region and also from the states of Maranhao, Piaui and Tocatins. It is hoped that the location of the port will reduce freight costs for a exports by 34%.

According to the ADM, it expects to transport 80% of grain by inland waterway and around 20% by road until a new railway line enters in operation in 2020, linking Açailândia to Barcarena.