The UK-based port mobile plant specialist B&W Mechanical
Handling Limited has won an order for two of its ‘top of the
range’ mobile shiploader systems from North African
consortium Sorfert Algeria for deployment in the Port of
The purchase is part of a much bigger $2 billion
investment in a new 1.2 million tonnes per annum ammonia
and granulated urea fertilizer plant that Sorfert Algeria is
building in the Arzew industrial zone. A second ammonia plant
with a capacity of 800,000 tonnes per annum is also being
built. Once complete, the plants will account for one of the
largest volumes of fertilizer exports to the Mediterranean.
The Arzew industrial zone is situated near three major
Algerian ports on the Mediterranean coast. The first plant is
due to become operational at the end of 2010, with the
second ammonia plant coming on-stream some six months
later. Sorfert Algeria is a joint venture between Orascom
Construction Industries (OCI) and the Algerian state-owned
oil and gas company Sonatrach.
B&W enjoys the benefits of being fully integrated into the
substantial and respected International Aumund Group with
strategically placed offices in more than 10 countries and
representatives in over 40.
B&W will supply two Shiploader systems each comprising
a Mobile Shiploader with twin Samson™ feeders to load urea
prills at between 500 and 700 tonnes per hour into vessels at
two separate berths. Vessel sizes will range from 10,000 to
25,000DWT. A winning factor was B&W’s unique solution to a
particular loading problem presented by the customer. In the
initial phase of deployment the larger vessels will not be able
to come alongside normally due to the shallowness of the
berth, rather they will have to stand off the quay by some
13.5 metres.
B&W’s design has incorporated a unique 5.0 metre
removable boom extension that will enable normal loading to
take place from the outset whilst dredging to deepen the
berth takes place. This flexible approach, together with B&W’s
reputation and strong presence in the region, helped secure
the order. A previous order for a B&W 40 metre Shiploader
to Orascom in the Port of El Sokhna in Egypt some years ago
had clearly demonstrated the company’s track record for
quality equipment and reliability. B&W has also supplied two
large, Samson™ fed, Mobile Shiploaders in 2008 to APM
Terminals in Bahrain for handling Sulphur prills.
The installation is due for delivery in May 2010 and should
be commissioned by July this year.