B&W Mechanical Handling Ltd. evolved into SAMSON Materials Handling Ltd. as of 1 January 2013. This progression is a reflection of the tremendous success SAMSONTM equipment has always enjoyed worldwide. Right from the start, SAMSONTM has played a key role in the company’s most successful bulk materials handling projects in industries such as mining and minerals, environmental, ports and terminals, biomass, steel, power industry, agriculture and cement.

For over 40 years, B&W, now SAMSON Materials Handling, have been designing and manufacturing bulk material handling equipment. During that time, the company has been dedicated to providing engineering solutions that are world-class in their concept, execution and delivery. With more than 3,000 installations worldwide, the products are defined by their quality, mobility, flexibility and wide range of application.

Therefore, the new company name emphasizes strength, durability and continuity. These characteristics are also an integral part of the SAMSON team who, from the same location, will continue to provide innovative and custom- engineered solutions under the new brand name.

Hand in hand with the new SAMSON name, a blend of new cost-effective and engineered products will be launched during 2013, supported by an even more comprehensive worldwide network of dealerships committed to first-class customer service.

SAMSON is part of the internationally renowned AUMUND Group, which also includes AUMUND Foerdertechnik and SCHADE Lagertechnik in Germany, specializing in professional bulk handling solutions that provide the very highest levels of performance, engineering and reliability.