Energy production solutions and steel processing company AXIS Tech has installed a telescopic belt conveyor at the AB Dolomitas quarry, which operates in the Pakruojis district of Lithuania. The maximum length of the telescopic conveyor is up to 42 metres. This is the third telescopic conveyor installed in this dolomite quarry.
“While the Covid pandemic has become a challenge for manufacturing sectors around the world, the companies that have automated their production process have been the least affected by quarantine restrictions. The solutions we develop for more efficient business operations also contribute to process automation,” says Paulius Arštikys, CEO of AXIS Tech.
The company manufactured the conveyor installed in the AB Dolomitas quarry according to an individual order within four months. The capacity of this conveyor is up to 600tph (tonnes per hour), and the belt width is 0.8m. Transporting this giant conveyor from the factory to the workplace posed several challenges. The product was delivered to the quarry partially assembled, due to the difficulties of the transportation process — caused by the fact that the cargo being transported was 26m long.
According to Arštikys, among the most important requirements for the customer was the high quality of the equipment, because the quarry operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company's activities range from the mining of dolomite to its processing and delivery to customers.
“This is one of the few conveyor production orders in our home market. We are happy to contribute to the development of advanced Lithuanian companies,” says Arštikys. AB Dolomitas produces the highest quality products from dolomite and granite which are used in road construction, building and agriculture.
In recent years, AXIS Tech has been supplying most of its conveyors and transportation systems to foreign countries. A few months ago, the company installed a new bulk cargo transportation system with a main 180m-long conveyor and a conveyor gallery for the specialized SIA Riga Bulk Terminal.
The company also signed another contract with partners from Germany to supply a transportation system to a new sugar processing plant in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Having started offering transportation equipment manufacturing services in early 2020, AXIS Tech since signed deals worth €6 million to date. The company has supplied custom-made conveyor systems
to various facilities in Portugal, Germany, Spain and Latvia.
AXIS Tech designs and manufactures various types of stationary and mobile belt conveyors, belt, screw and scraper conveyor systems. High quality systems in production help to ensure the safety of workers, work efficiency and the quality of the transported material.
In September of this year, AXIS Tech launched a new slogan ‘Handling. Heavy. Heat’. This slogan encompasses the company’s diversified business model and briefly identifies other industry players in the area in which the company specializes. The ‘Handling’ part introduces lifting and handling equipment, the ‘Heavy’ part includes a custom steel processing function, and the ‘Heat’ part is for biomass energy equipment.