AS RIKON (Riga, Latvia) has been in the lifting and transport market for 60 years and offers design, production, assembly, installation and transportation services of level luffing cranes (double jib and one jib), gantry cranes, mobile harbour cranes, steel structural elements of lifting cranes, electrical boxes for cranes and for vessels. Moreover, the company also manufactures cargo gripping devices like grabs and spreaders.
The company has its own know-how and wide experience in the field of manufacture of lifting and trans-shipping machinery for ports, shipyards and industrial enterprises. All works, from planning, designing and manufacturing to installation and commissioning are carried out by the company itself. The works are supported by a reliable service.
AS RIKON is located in the territory of Riga Freeport. It has a highly developed infrastructure which consists of a railway branch line, roads, 130 metre-long quay, crane runways and engineering networks.
A serious modernization of the factory was carried out with the installation of new Italian and Finnish equipment, which in turn, attracted world-renowned manufacturers to work with the factory.
The factory is located on an area of 21,000m2, where there are well-equipped plants with an area of 10,000m2. The factory’s lifting equipment is capable of handling cargoes of up to 50t inside the plants and up to 70t outside the plants.
The factory uses modern metal processing and welding equipment, including universal metal cutting machines, computer-controlled plasma and gas cutting devices, including sheet metal bending press with capacities up to 350t and matrix length up to 6m.
The application of almost half a century experience in manufacture of port machinery forms an important precondition for solving the problems of a customer. The production and service of the AS RIKON comply with the standards ISO 9001:2009.
AS RIKON’s competitiveness in the market is facilitated by investing in testing and development of new innovative solutions.
“A modern lifting equipment is a complex technological structure ‘with eyes and brains’. Its work is controlled and regulated not only by humans, but also by IT solutions and countless sophisticated sensor systems, which provide for smooth and safe handling. Our ability to adapt, create innovative solutions and a quality product is our competitive advantage,” said Mihails Baškankovs, Commercial Director of AS RIKON.
The cranes created by AS RIKON are able to operate and safely perform their functions in both Arctic and tropical climates. Cranes designed to work in the Arctic shall be able to perform safely even at –50°C, so they are made of high- strength steel and metal alloys, while special painting technologies are used in warmer and wetter climates. Every manufactured part, every weld is subjected to careful quality control and certification procedure.
Recent successes
  • On 6 2022, AS RIKON signed a contract with First Dry Port Terminal in Uzbekistan for one gantry crane, 41 tonnes under spreader;
  • Earlier in June 2022, AS RIKON signed a contract with one of the biggest Spanish government companies, ADIF, which operates all of Spain’s railways, for two gantry cranes, 41 tonnes under spreader;
  • At the end of 2021 the company signed a contract with Port Of Brcko, Bosnia and Herzegovina for the supply of a 27 tonne double jib level luffing crane;
  • At the end of 2021 AS RIKON supplied a level luffing crane to the biggest French port Great Port Of Marseille. The crane takes part in the repair and painting of cruise vessels. The crane has a smart anti-collision system installed, which takes into account not only the position of the cranes on the tracks, but also the crane’s degree of rotation, boom outreach, etc. The RIKON specialists also modernized the existing old crane of Great Port Of Marseille; Mid-2021 AS RIKON supplied a special electro-hydraulic RTG crane to LM WIND POWER, Poland, (part of General Electric, USA). The crane is equipped with special traverse, the length is 70 metres and the weight is 40 tonnes and handles wind turbine blades.