In Argentina, it is planned to build a new multi-purpose port at Villa Constitucio´n, in Santa Fe province. This project is being promoted by the private sector and should see the light of day by 2020.
The port will be built close to the Paraguay-Parana´ inland waterway system, where a new free zone has already been
opened. The project is being promoted by Grupo PTP, which heads up a consortium that already operates the free zone. It is shortly to make an official request to build the port to the federal Undersecretary for Ports and Navigable Waterways.
The government is expected to give the go ahead, with construction taking around 18 months to complete, allowing operations to commence in the first quarter of 2020. The port will be a designated free port, allowing it to work closely with companies in the free zone, says PTP president Guillermo Misiano.
Barry Cross