German crane manufacturer, Kirow Ardelt GmbH, a member of Kranunion, formerly known as TAKRAF or Kranbau Eberswalde, with more than 400 references in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, has supplied its second crane to Chile. In December of last year, the stationary Tukan 750 double jib level luffing crane was handed over to the Port of Panul in San Antonio.

A new crane was required at the port’s operation to unload bulk carriers delivering grains. Due to the planned increase in the annual handling capacity of the harbour it was decided that it would be necessary to install a new efficient crane. The new crane replaces an old and smaller crane that collapsed during the 2010 earthquake. The slewing crane with a double jib system and rack and pinion luffing gear has a maximum lifting capacity of 20 t and a maximum outreach of 36 m.

ARDELT not only had to realise the technical and operational requirements of the port operator, it was also essential to specify the design according to the Chilean standard for earthquake stability calculations NCH 2369, Class 1.

The assembly of the crane on site with very limited corner loads and the existing adjacent crane and conveyor system was a challenge for the ARDELT assembly team as erection directly onto the existing finger pier was not technically possible. Not forgetting the swell phenomenon that made the unloading of the preassembled crane parts difficult.

The erection of the preassembled crane parts by means of a giant telescopic crane installed behind the finger pier at the shore was completed in only seven days and the port remained fully operational during the whole process.

According to Dr Melzer, the General Manager of ARDELT, “This excellent performance could only be achieved together with full cooperation between us, the client, the reliable local assembly partner, as well as the civil engineering company involved, the final result was a success for all parties.

The General Manager of Puerto Panul, Mr Cordóva, is proud to own this low maintenance, efficient and cost effective crane with the ability to work at a high performance level over a long time and says that: “With the commissioning of the new equipment the port is confident that it will continue to be known for its excellent quality of service to customers”.

ARDELT having once more received the trust of a Chilean customer has proved again the power that stands behind our manufacturing team in demanding circumstances.

Another port in Chile is now equipped with one of the most modern Tukan 750 cranes from the original manufacturer and inventor of the double jib system. Ardelt has not only developed a customer friendly maintenance concept which allows the crane operator an excellent maintenance and inspection regime, it guarantees its client a substantial reduction of energy consumption not only by using the luffing mode of the system, but also by installed rectifying units that store the unused energy for further drive movements or back feeding to the net.