It all started with just a quarter-acre site in San Leandro, CA in 1953. Now, in its 60th year Alco Iron & Metal Company runs a network of four scrap-processing locations throughout the greater San Francisco region. The newest machines in the Alco recycling yards are two SENNEBOGEN 825 M rubber-tyred scrap handlers.

Still owned by the same family,Alco Iron & Metal is spread out over 35 acres in four separate locations in Northern California and currently employs more than 200 employees.

A COMPLETE CIRCLE IN METALS PROCESSED WITH THE SENNEBOGEN 825 M Unlike many recycling businesses, Alco is engaged in the full circle of metal and iron services. Along with collecting and processing both ferrous and non-ferrous metals,Alco takes on demolition projects, which provide a primary source of materials for recycling. The company is also a large distributor of new structural steel, aluminium and copper. Backed by its service ethic, the scope of Alco’s metal interests creates opportunities to grow within its own customer base, as both a seller and a buyer of their customers’ metal

The newest machines in the Alco recycling yards are SENNEBOGEN 825 M rubber-tyred scrap handlers. “Our facilities here (in Vallejo) and in Stockton are very similar,” Kari Fletcher, manager of the Vallejo yard explains. “They are both 15-acre paved sites. We buy ferrous metals at the rear of the yard and we make our non-ferrous purchases in the building at the front of the yard. At any time, we could need our material handler to move right to the opposite end of the yard. We were looking for wheeled machines for their mobility, and SENNEBOGEN won out. It’s very helpful being able to bring the SENNEBOGEN 825 M right into our warehouse.”

At the Stockton yard, general manager Jerry Lynch sees his 825 M as more than a scrap handler. “We have a lot of jobs that need equipment like this, so we use the SENNEBOGEN as a “utility” type of machine. It gives us the versatility we need to be flexible. It can load different containers and move material in the yard. Or we can put it on a truck to help process material on a demolition site.”


Until now the Stockton yard still relies on older tracked equipment for much of the day-to-day loading work. But there can be seen a growing role for the 825 M. The tracked equipment tears up the concrete, but some material has to be moved over 100 yards. The SENNEBOGEN 821 M can go 12mph without damaging the yard. Its speed and ease of handling lets it step into multiple uses. The machines were delivered and are services by SENNEBOGEN distributor, Bejac Equipment. They just show up, and are there to help.

Alco’s scrap handling operators are experienced with various makes and models of equipment. They praise the visibility from the elevating cab and from the safety cameras strategically placed on the machine. The high-resolution monitor allows them to see their working area. They have also mentioned how the wheels make it much easier for them to get around the yard. Operators also say it just feels more rugged — they have a real sense of quality and stability in their machines.