In Mexico, Guaymas Port Authority (API) has issued a tender for the use, exploitation, operation, equipping and modernization of an agribulk terminal in the port. This will be a common user facility, covering an area of 28,150m2. It will be equipped by 72 silos, which will take up 26,540m2 of the total available area.

The tender includes an electricity substation, an administrative office, a laboratory, a dumper for trucks, an unloading pit, a warehouse, a spare parts store, a workshop, a guardhouse and industrial toilets; as well as conveyor belts that link docks 5 and 6 of the southern half of the port.

The concessionaire will undertake handling of agribulk, plus stacking, storage, stowage and haulage within the facility, as well as having non-exclusive use for loading and unloading at docks 5 and 6.

Technical bids will be opened by the API on 12 June 2018 and financial bids on 19 June 2018.

Barry Cross