rhb has purchased the world’s most powerful mobile harbour
crane. This crane has a lifting capacity of 208 tonnes and is
designed for safe and fast handling of industrial breakbulk,
project cargo, heavy lifts and general cargo. Savings in
transshipment time of up to 50% can also be realized, which is a
big advantage in light of today’s costs for seagoing vessels and
‘rhb stevedoring & warehousing’ was founded in 1930 and has
developed into a modern, dynamic, private independent company
with experienced management and skilled staff.
  •   all berths in quiet, calm harbour basin;
  •   owns a 208-tonne heavy lift and project cargo shore crane;
  •   offers savings in transshipment time of up to 50%;
  •   730 metres quay length — 10.25m draught;
  •   12,000m² warehouse space;
  •   30,000m² open space;
  •   main office on the terminal;
  •   eight own multi-purpose shore cranes of up to 55t capacity;
  •   floating cranes up to 1,500-tonne capacity available;
  •   sea, river, road and rail connections; and
  •   full service.
RHB IS SPECIALIZED IN: industrial breakbulk, project cargoes,
heavy lifts, metals, steel cargoes, general cargoes, storage of
project cargoes and heavy lifts.
  •   730 metres quay length — maximum draught: 10.25 metres;
  •   no air — beam — length restrictions;
  •   main office situated on the terminal for direct supervision;
  •   on rhb’s terminal the company handles project cargoes, heavy lifts, industrial breakbulk, non ferrous metals, general cargo, containers and steel cargoes;
  •   24hrs/7days camera surveillance and digital recording; and
  •   ISPS-certified.
  •   one Liebherr LHM 600-S 208-tonne mobile harbour crane —50 tonnes at 58 metres
  •   eight multi-purpose shore cranes up to 55 metric tonnescapacity;
  •   16 forklift trucks up to 32 metric tonnes capacity;
  •   four floating cranes from partners up to 1,500 metric tonnescapacity;
  •   two reach stackers 45 metric tonnes capacity;
  •   one silotruck – loader;
  •   one tugmaster; and
  •   15 mafi trailers 100 metric tonnes capacity.
CERTIFIED LIFTING EQUIPMENT: all standard lifting equipment is
available for lifting up to 208 metric tonnes.
CERTIFIED SPREADERS: adjustable spreaders from 2–22 metres
— maximum 400 metric tonnes capacity.
  •   covered storage: 12,000m2 / 70,000m3;
  •   all rhb’s LME-quality warehouses are equipped with electronic alarm systems. LME-approved for selectedpartners;
  •   licensed by the Dutch customs authorities to store goods in transit, bonded and with EU status;
  •   licensed by the environmental authorities to store and handle dangerous goods; and
  •   open storage: 30,000m2 paved and fully fenced.
  •   weighbridge for trucks and containers 70 metric tonnes capacity; and
  •   electronic scales 3- and 6-metric tonnes capacity.
  •   by road: to four highways A 15 / A 16 / A 4 / A 20;
  •   by railway: double track to all European rail destinations;
  •   by river: to all European river destinations and direct river barge connections with all main container terminals in Rotterdam / Antwerp area; and
  •   by sea: worldwide. It has an open connection to the sea, nolocks or bridges.
  •   lashing and securing services by professional partners;
  •   packaging, re-packaging and repair facilities; and
  •   sampling and analysis services by approved surveyors.