Geldof is a major European supplier of solutions for the storage, handling and processing of bulk solids, liquids and gases. It has a strong reputation in the realization of:


  • dry bulk storage and handling projects;
  • storage tanks, tank terminals and tank maintenance;
  • pressure vessels and process equipment; and
  • various other engineered solutions that often require a combination of high level competency in diverse technical areas 
Geldof mainly design and fabricate custom made solution systems: i.e. storage and conveying systems for big volumes. Cliff Baetslé, the company’s Business Unit Manager Handling, explains that the company has a great deal of experience in the development, fabrication and installation of custom-made transporting systems which includes movable discharge points, conveyors for large tonnages over long distances. As an example it has developed a conveyor system that transports product at a rate of up to 6,000tph (tonnes per hour).


Geldof’s principal focus is in Europe, where its major clients are active in the storage and handling sector and energy sectors. It faces competition from the major players in the market, most of which are specialized and have their own products, which Geldof doesn’t have. In that respect, Geldof is not a direct competitor as it mainly specializes in custom-made installations and sometimes integrates equipment from those equipment suppliers into its designs. In the international market, Geldof therefore needs to compete with smaller players which are more active in the local home market .

Flexibility is key to Geldof’s competitiveness in the market. It develops custom-made installations according to the wishes of the client. It has a lot of experienced people in the handling of coal and ores and has been active in this market for several years now. Geldof has the experience it takes to develop safe and reliable installations. The big players in the market partially work with their own products (with adaptations to the client’s wishes if requested). Geldof is different, in that it operates more as an integrator of existing equipment combined with the specially developed equipment that is needed to fulfill the requirements of the project. This is where its strength lies. It is not restricted by fixed products but is free to develop on simple demand and create different, tailored installations each time.


Geldof offers turnkey solutions for the conceptualization, the engineering and the realization of custom-made projects in materials and fuel handling. It is a reputable and reliable partner for all projects that it undertakes; a claim it bases confidently on its long-standing track record as a qualitative builder of equipment for the storage and handling of bulk materials, combined with its innovative process expertise and proven technology.

The strength of Geldof’s partnerships and customer relations is due in great part to its flexibility and its ability to think in tandem with its clients. Geldof teams up with its customers to find the best solutions and to apply the best practices, be they mechanical construction, civil engineering works, electrical and instrumentation, integrations of machinery or other challenges.

Using this open and full approach, Geldof develops pioneering devices which it modulates into new and independent installations with proven technology. In this way it has designed and engineered — among other projects — innovative state-of- the-art modular biomass fuel handling, milling and dosing units, enabling it to offer customers a durable biomass power station with guaranteed performance and availability.

Geldof’s services include:

  • unloading stations, hoppers and stackers;
  • storage equipment: silos and bunkers;
  • transport systems completely installed employing screw, belt and chain conveyers and elevators and including de-dusting, ferrous/non-ferrous detection, weighing, separation, drying, milling, fire-safety and other equipment; and
  • loading stations (for trucks, railcars, barges and seagoing vessels).