At CLIIN Robotics, innovation drives its solutions for industry challenges. The company specializes in cutting-edge magnetic robots designed to climb ferromagnetic surfaces, thereby expanding accessibility and efficiency. CLIIN Robotics’ mission is to provide versatile robotic solutions that prioritize safety and sustainability in diverse environments.
CLIIN Robotics focuses on revolutionizing cargo hold and storage tank cleaning, offering remote-operable robots that enhance safety and environmental responsibility. CLIIN Robotics’ vision is to contribute to the sustainability of heavy industries such as shipping and oil & gas, benefiting present and future generations worldwide.
With a team experienced in shipping, vessel coating, and high-tech industries, CLIIN Robotics is committed to principles aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It collaborates closely with its clients to provide practical solutions while embracing diversity, simplicity, and the importance of human interface.
CLIIN will take an important role in the future of robotics, where magnetic technology reshapes industry practices.
The CLIIN Cargo Hold Robot (CHR) transforms cargo hold cleaning for shipping companies, ship owners, and service providers. Whether permanently installed or deployed from port facilities, the CHR streamlines operations by simplifying the cleaning process and reducing environ mental impact. Equipped with customized cleaning tools and magnetic belts, the CHR ensures thorough cleansing, meeting industry standards.
Operable remotely from ground level, the CHR prioritizes crew safety by eliminating the need for workers to navigate heights during cleaning. Its efficient operation requires a small team, reducing labor intensity and enhancing overall efficiency. This innovative solution optimizes vessel turnaround times, increases cargo intake, and offers value to industry stakeholders.
  • Efficient cleaning - reduced turnaround time: the CHR cleans a Handysize Cargo Hold in three to six hours, replacing the conventional four-step process with a single freshwater method, cutting cleaning time by 50%.
  • Enhanced cleaning standard - improved compliance: providing direct access to challenging areas in the cargo hold, the CHR ensures thorough cleaning, improving the likelihood of regulatory approval.
  • Environmental sustainability - chemical-free operation: utilizing high-pressure fresh water, the CHR eliminates the need for chemicals, promoting environmental sustainability.
  • Reduced water usage - minimized waste: CHR cleaning minimizes water usage, generating significantly less cleaning water and sludge compared to conventional methods, reducing environmental impact and operational costs.
  • Ground-level operation — crew safety: operated remotely from the ground, the CHR eliminates the need for crew members to work at heights, prioritizing safety.
  • User-friendly control — streamlined operations: with simple controls, the CHR enables a small team to manage the cleaning process efficiently, without extensive training or specialized equipment. 
In conclusion, CLIIN Robotics offers practical and sustainable solutions for bulk handling challenges. With the CHR, CLIIN Robotics redefines industry standards, prioritizing safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.